Vigil Games is no more, the team says goodbye

El33tonline writes:

"By now you’ll know that THQ was yesterday dissolved while its studios and intellectual properties were sold to various publishers. There were, however, some studios that weren’t bought in the auction.

Vigil Games is one of these studios."

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majiebeast2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I bought both Darksiders 1 and Darksiders 2(Death edition) for pc. They could have done a better job of the pc port of DS2 it was incredibly bad. Hope they land on their feet.

OliverKO2836d ago

That's unfortunate, Darksiders 2 was fantastic on consoles ;(

Definitely, it would be great to see the whole of Vigil put back together again, or at the very least have someone pick up the Darksiders license and hire the leads.

Numphie2836d ago

It would be great to see the Darksiders franchise picked up, but I really do hope that the development team from Vigil Games is given the opportunity to continue their work on the series.

PS4isKing_822836d ago

I'm sure Nintendo and platinum would love to have them.
Darksiders always felt like a mature darker, grittier version of zelda to me.

OliverKO2836d ago

That's a very interesting proposition... that would be a great fit, I think!

PS4isKing_822836d ago

Exactly. Just imagine darksiders 3 as a wiiU exclusive if Nintendo snatched them up next like they did with bayonetta.

Numphie2836d ago

Definitely a great fit.

animegamingnerd2836d ago

nintendo please do what you did with bayonetta 2

Bimkoblerutso2836d ago

Maybe the members will reform under another name and could eventually be picked up by Nintendo, but Vigil, in it's original form, effectively dissolved when they were not "acquired" during THQ's auction.

BanBrother2836d ago

Sad. Loved Darksiders franchise. Hopefully someone picks it up, as long as it remains multi-plat. Wonder why even so called 'hardcore' gamers never picked this up. Guess too many people just want to blow heads off in a FPS year after year.

Hanso2836d ago

PG is interested in Darksiders

OliverKO2836d ago

It would make sense, too - Vigil had a great admiration for Platinum's combat mechanics in Bayonetta and Vanquish. Image Darksiders was as tight as Platinum's games?

A little bit of drool just escaped...

animegamingnerd2836d ago

come on PG your our only hope

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The story is too old to be commented.