Sony Fined £250,000 Over PSN Hack

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been fined £250,000 ($396,100) following a "serious breach" of the Data Protection Act.

UK authorities said a hack in April 2011 "could have been prevented".

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Prodigy-X2836d ago

This fined is really nothing. That's not much much money.

Red_Orange_Juice2836d ago

it is for the one who's getting it :D

MrDead2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I think the fine would of been higher if the encrypted data was able to be accessed. The stolen data seems to be useless but I don’t think that was the point of the hack, it was retaliation against Sony for going after these people.

Anon19742836d ago

Odd. Citigroup was hacked at the exact same time and millions were stolen from their customers even though they didn't admit it for months. To my knowledge no one reported losing one cent due to the PSN hack and the regulators admitted "there is no evidence that the encrypted payment card details were accessed", which would on it's surface seem to indicate that Sony's security measures protected customer info. Yet I can't seem to find any news regarding Citigroup's fine despite the actual theft.

I'm sure that fine's coming though. Even though the media pretty much ignored the theft of millions at the time to howl because encrypted PSN data made it into the hands of hackers, I'm sure the regulators still have to address fines for lax security for Citigroup that resulted in the actual theft of money. Right?

And does anyone even remember hearing when Sega was hacked a couple of months after Sony and data from 1.3 million customers was stolen related to "Sega Pass"? Much like Sony, there was no evidence there that credit card information was taken either. Odd, I don't remember that being a big deal either.

While I understand the need to keep company's on their toes, does it not seem like for some reason the media has been fixated on Sony over this? You'd think the actual theft of millions would be bigger news, but it was almost completely ignored. And why is there never any focus on the criminals who perpetrated these crimes? If a bank is robbed, we hear about the manhunt for the robbers, or if they have no idea who the robbers were a plea to the public for help. You never hear about the bank getting fined because it's door had a slightly out of date lock on the front.

It's interesting to see how the media treats crimes differently. A bank is robbed and the criminals are responsible. A company is hacked and it's the company who is scrutinized by the media. Again, I think regulators should have a look in cases like these to make sure our information is being safeguarded by the companies we entrust the info to. I just find it questionable how the media prioritizes when it chooses to report these incidents.

nukeitall2836d ago


That is a nice spin on it as usual. However, this is negligence, not the fact that "Sony was hacked".

Sony failed to put adequate measures in place to protect the sensitive data they were collecting. You should be happy somebody is doing this considering, this company didn't care to protect your data at all by:

a) not encrypting user password

b) using out of data security software

These are things that are standard for even small blogging sites, let alone a technology company that has put a lot more effort into protecting their own assets with the security against piracy on PS3.

"You never hear about the bank getting fined because it's door had a slightly out of date lock on the front."

No, they have a security guard in front and massive security in place. These other financial companies getting hacked probably had proper security measures in place.

You don't blame the company (or bank) for getting hacked (robbed), but you do blame them if they didn't take proper security measures like Sony.

It is irresponsible and negligent of Sony, and it is even more irresponsible of consumers to accept such behavior. It doesn't matter if is MS, Nintendo or any other company.

It is even worse when a consumer twist the thing around to protect a mega corporation in the wrong!

"Yet I can't seem to find any news regarding Citigroup's fine despite the actual theft."

In case you didn't know, that theft goes out of citicards pocket. Credit card fraud is a cost the credit card company pays. There is no fine, probably because they had proper security measures.

Again, it is NOT the hack that is fined, it is the lackadaisical security Sony employed.

testerg352835d ago

Umm.. its not that they were hacked, but how crappy their security was.

ZombieNinjaPanda2835d ago

The bank didn't get fined because they're deep in the pockets of corruption.

Lvl_up_gamer2835d ago

It is when you're already having to sell your assets to pay off debts because nobody will give you a loan due to your "junk" status.

Extra financial liabilities is NOT a good thing for Sony right now.

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zeal0us2836d ago

Oh no 250,000 Euros oh lawdy what will Sony do?

Rush2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Don't you mean Sterling, it's a complete different currency from the Euro.

However still nothing to a business like Sony.

Kran2836d ago


Somebody doesnt know the difference between the euro icon and the great british pound logo.

Euro €

They dont look alike much either

KrisButtar2836d ago

i didnt know what the difference was, thanks

MsButterbean2836d ago

And those responsible? Lulsec? When are they going to land in jail?

tachy0n2835d ago

the only responsible here is sony, imagine how crappy their security was, LOL putting user information in plain TXT files.... stop being a fanboy, for companies like sony we are just numbers.

Hicken2835d ago

Because better security stopped governments and banks from being hacked by the same group, right?

"Oh, you got robbed because the lock on your door wasn't good enough. We'll fine you instead of going after the people who broke in. We put NO responsibility on the perpetrator of the act, only the person victimized."

Is that what you'd wanna hear from the cops after somebody broke into your home?

tachy0n2835d ago


that comparison is so stupid since companies like sony, have more than enough money to ENCRYPT user information, its sony's fault since they have the money to buy a proper security system and instead they did not cared until they got hacked.


nix2836d ago

Sony is dooooooooomed!

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