Remastered Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Cutscenes Practically a Movie

Oprainfall writes:

"Today we learned that these scenes run 2 hours and 50 minutes in total, which by cinematic standards could be considered a long movie. Fully voiced and partially rewritten, this may prove to be the definitive way to experience the 358/2 Days story."

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no_more_heroes2837d ago

Give me a western release, damn you!

TheLyonKing2837d ago

Theres only a handful of things i get excited about no matter how minor and one of thsoe thigns is kingdom hearts

LAWSON722837d ago

please comes to the states.

Snookies122837d ago

I shall obtain a Japanese copy in March, then obtain an English copy if it ever happens. (PLEASE HAPPEN!!)

3-4-52836d ago

I've never played a KH game but I heard this one had possibly the best story out of all of them. The DS game's graphics are a bit ehh..but I'd still play it....might wait now though.