Yoshinori Ono teases SSFIV:AE 2012 update…again

Yoshinori Ono is at it again and this time he’s teasing something coming for Super Street Fight IV: Arcade Edition 2012.

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wishingW3L2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

so many updates and versions of SFIV and they never fixed the slight lag on the PS3. It's like they wanted the Xbox version to always be the superior one.

I only play on the PS3 and it pisses me off that every time before a tournament if the main console is PS3 everybody starts complaining non-stop. And if they lose then they blame it on the PS3, especially when is Marvel. =/

AznGaara2835d ago

I remember them saying the 1frame input lag was due to the way electricity moved throughout the ps3. It's of course bs cause xtekken has no input lag lol.

Honestly like the idea of a 2013 version so long as they don't nerf anyone, especially cammy :), and only buff.

vividamage1232836d ago

Very true, Marvel suffers from the same problem :(

Vandamme212835d ago

Do we really need a another update..the game feels fine.

CaptainN2835d ago

Can we get a Wii-U version ????

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