The Coolest Keyboard Ever ?

Over the decades the Keyboard has evolved from its first simple PS/1 inputs all the way to this generations USB input. But yet, the keyboard has still bored us with its... "Lack of innovation ?

But now, a russian company called...Something... has released what SliceGaming call "The coolest keyboard ever".

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solar3886d ago

quote from article...

"Although it does carry a $800 price tag, the "Optimus Maximus" transformer keyboard is sure to blow consumers away worldwide"

ok...keyboards are costing more then high end graphics cards...yikes.

Charmers3886d ago

wow this keyboard has been vapourware for more years than I can remember. The first time I heard about it was well over a year ago when Logitech launched the G15 keyboard. Ho well at least they have it out now but somehow I can't see too many buyers paying $800 for a keyboard. I know I won't be picking one up anytime soon.

InYourMom3886d ago

and most expensive...

for 800 usd no thanks.

power of Green 3885d ago

$800. lol Some wish they had that amount of cash to buy a pC.

Skerj3886d ago

I've been waiting for this damn keyboard for like 3-4 years. And now. ..I don't want it as much anymore.

SlyGuy3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Now just to buy one of these babies (optimus prime whatever lol) for my ps3 and play on my OLED tv!!!

Pfffft....yeah right.

after seeing this, i wonder what the next gen mice are gonna look like?

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The story is too old to be commented.