Some People Who Pre-Ordered Ni no Kuni Are Having Issues Getting The Game

A whole bunch of people who pre-ordered Ni no Kuni are having all sorts of issues getting their copies of the PS3 role-playing game, which came out Tuesday.

We've been getting tons of tips about the pre-order issues for the past two days, and people have taken to publisher Namco Bandai's forums to complain. People who pre-ordered the special Wizard's Edition of the game from Namco's store tell us their orders remain unshipped, and in some cases, cancelled entirely.

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Bimkoblerutso2832d ago

You know, it's actually a little surprising. I went looking for the game late on Tuesday, and it was surprisingly difficult to find. I tried two Gamestop's and a Best Buy before I found a copy at Target.

I thought maybe they just underestimated the buzz for this game and under-shipped, but apparently there's a problem?

medziarz2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Amazon has everything available and running, as always, start doing your gaming shopping there, right now it's probably the best place to do it

And no, i don't work from them :P

Edit: Okaaay, it's sold out there too :D
But it's still there on GameStop :D

icewater852832d ago

It's sold out on amazon as well, and rightfully so. The game is amazing.

ApolloTheBoss2832d ago

No doubt. Pre-ordered from Amazon and they shipped it yesterday. I choose free shipping and it estimated it would get here on the 30th. It got here today! Those guys are awesome!

rdgneoz32832d ago

Look around NewEgg everyone so often, some nice deals. They had a deal on Ni No Kuni in the fall for $12 off. With free shipping it was waiting at my door on release day. Still sad I couldn't get my hands on the Wizards edition, would love a copy of the Wizards Compendium. Sad only the Namco store had it for the US.

sarshelyam2832d ago

Only for the Wizards Edition. I've seen it everywhere else.

rainslacker2832d ago

I was at gamestop today and someone came in to pick it up and they didn't have any copies left. Granted my regular store down the street has a terrible JRPG selection most of the time.:( Most of the stores in my area(quite a few) have it listed as low stock on their website.

I'm glad the game is doing well. Maybe publishers will start to see it's a more viable market and we can get more localizations.

Cirran2832d ago

I preordered mine today from a local store. Iunno why but I just had this feeling when I preordered it that I might end up not getting a copy. Recently some websites have made both special and normal editions from being able to be preordered. Maybe level 5 wasn't expecting so many people to pick it up and haven't dispatched enough copies?

Thatguy-3102832d ago

Lol I purchased the game yesterday and the guy at gamestop told me I had to pre order the game because they only get limit quantity for the ppl that pre ordered since jrpgs don't sell in great amount. Thought I was screwed but he ended up giving me the last copy he had left. As of now I'm enjoying the game and my little nephew is immerse by it because of the art style. Think all the great reviews and word of mouth will bring justice to this game. Well I hope so.

Highatus2832d ago

I've had my Wizard's edition pre-ordered since Aug 30/2012. When it became available to Canadians.

I got anxious when it wasn't shipped out on Tuesday so I sent them an email about it.

They replied within 24hrs and it has now shipped :)

sarshelyam2832d ago

Same boat...but the UPS tracking still isn't updating.

rezzah2832d ago

Same here.

Was shipped yesterday.

mi_titan272832d ago

I recieved an email from Digital River stating they oversold the Wizard's Edition and were sorry, so heres a $20 gift card please accept our apology, now as a collector i've missed out on any chance of getting any special edition of this game, unless im willing to shell out $250 on ebay for one!

CrescentFang2832d ago

You are not the only one. Check out this topic for more help (there are also more topics about this as well)

sarshelyam2832d ago

When did you preorder? I received my shipping confirmation an hour ago.

mi_titan272831d ago

last week when they reopened the pre-orders

sarshelyam2831d ago


Oh, yeah...I hear most of the 2nd run preorders are getting cancelled in favor of 1st run preorders who had billing issues (declined credit cards, etc.), they're robbing peter for paul. I say, if you don't have the needs to go to the next in line, and not a make good for people who didn't plan this out.

Sorry they gave you the shaft. This was handled quite poorly by Digital River. I always say I'll never use them again, and then something like this backs me into a corner of reservation.

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