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Polygon - Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is the product of a collaboration between two fan-favorite Japanese teams: RPG developer Level-5 and animated filmmaker Studio Ghibli. It features the bright colors, outlandish characters and serious-yet-cheery story that Ghibli fans expect, but it also has the old-school RPG elements that Level-5 specializes in: grinding, a heavy emphasis on exploration and a sluggishly paced globe-trotting adventure.

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NukaCola2827d ago

Well anyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this review basically says that nothing in the game is as amazing as the graphics so the game is poor. From reading it, I honestly think the reviewer is a bit of a liar and used the demo as the test. I think the score is way to low for this game. 65% is a borderline failure score. The review reads like a 74 or 80 percent. Oh well, his loss. I love this game.

Dir_en_grey2827d ago

Troll review, vote it down.

theBAWSE2827d ago

Next to the sites name click the plus sign an vote this site searching for hit's down

Red_Orange_Juice2827d ago


on serious note, I like their website layout

syrion2827d ago

vote it down !
Story Quality ? WTF
Like this website ? NO

Perjoss2827d ago

heh, I've used N4G for quite some time and I still have no idea how to vote stuff down, enlighten me!

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joab7772827d ago

I didnt even want to reply but i actually have the game now so i know that rhis is a trolling article. Either he is no fan of the genre or he is trolling. Some things are opinion and some things should never be written as a review.

Blackdeath_6632827d ago

i agree. if you have strong personal disliking to a genre or game you shouldn't review as it will result in bias. i know many people don't like the jrpg genre and poke fun at it and i think this is just another form of that.

insomnium22827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I wish we always had the person who absolutely HATES the genre reviewing every single game on every single site. Either that or then a NEUTRAL person who is open to every genre. It would be nice to have standards in reviews.

This site is looking for hits no question about that. I won't be clicking on their site though. I will however vote it down for the sake of sanity.

rainslacker2827d ago


You could watch zero punctuation. He hates JRPG's with a passion. :)

I can't remember what magazine it was back in the day, but they had a main review, then 3 other staff writers who gave a mini review along with a score. It was nice because they all liked different things, and you could match the review based on which reviewer you mostly agreed with on stuff.

DigitalAnalog2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Let's not forget, this is the SAME website that gave Halo 4 a low score because it didn't utilize the updated "ADS" mechanic found in modern shooters. Polygon is nothing more than a group of over-entitled journalist who claims they will segregate itself from other gaming sites. Heck, even destructoid pokes fun at it from time to time.

ginsunuva2827d ago

I like how you can tell something reads like a 74 or an 80 percent. Where in the world did you pull those random numbers from???!!

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Amiroo2827d ago

another crap review from polygon (next is EGMnow), we should baycote these sites.
don't get me wrong, i'm a xbox fan and i love my 360 but i played Ni no Kuni and it was super amazing.

HUNK2827d ago

Too bad this review will count against it's Metacritic score. This game deserves better.

*waits for impending 1/5 from Quarter to Three*

HarryMasonHerpderp2827d ago

That Tom Chick guy on Quarter to three is a complete joke. He get's off on giving big games low scores.
Either that or he's just a miserable b*****d kinda like this reviewer here.

TheGOODKyle2827d ago

What proud RPG doesn't have grinding? As long as it's not overbearing (which Ni No Kuni isn't) it shouldn't be listed as a con.

Bathyj2827d ago

Its like marking down a FPS for having reloading.

creeping judas2827d ago

Or walking/moving from fight scenario to the next!!

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