In The Wake Of Ni No Kuni....Remember Dragon Quest 8....Worship Level-5 writes: The very traditional Japanese RPG carries with it but one question. That question is all about time. What will you sacrifice? What relationship will lose its effulgence, and crumble under the weight of your selfish leveling up? Indeed the next question will be how powerful do you want your character to be? Things will fall apart around you, people will dislike you. Litigation might ensue. All established rules are at best precarious and productivity a barren,sterile hill of dying weed. Ultimately though as you charge towards the 255 hour mark your brain now an oafish, gutted hollow cube, you still smile. For even as your power is shuttered and the contents of your fridge festering, you can justify the hours spent with dignified repose.

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wishingW3L2832d ago

don't forget about Rogue Galaxy!

kevnb2832d ago

didnt like that one sadly, but ni no kuni and dragon quest viii were both fantastic.

Brewski0072832d ago

Aww yeah i loved that game.

On the topic of dragon quest, we need another ps3 dragon quest game. Or maybe even a ps4, with the capabilities of multi-player now would be AWESOME!

thisheat12832d ago

I haven't :) ITS FANTASTIC

Chrono2832d ago

Level-5 knows how to make great JRPGs. They're one of my fav developers.

DA_SHREDDER2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

They made a game from the dragon warrior/quest template. Those how all good jrpg's were made, and proves that it was a winning format. These days I wouldn't even consider half these games that are rpgs' at all, they just portrayed themselves to be a deep game, when there were never worlds to explore, they started getting all narrative heavy, and most were unsuccessful even at that. Name one character this gen, that isn't named lighting (she was such a bad character they had to make her 3 games to stay relevent, most good characters only needed to be and ended their lives and story after a real jrpg), that you can just name off the top of your head and had a real impact on peoples emotions, fanboy ranting dont carry any weight. Blah, F you people that destroyed my favorite franchises! BTW, White Knight Sucked! and I even tried to lie to myself to like it!

3-4-52832d ago

Yea..throw Dragon Quest 9 in there too. Way too many people dislike it for odd reasons. It's one of my favorite games ever.

PS4isKing_822832d ago

Them, atlus and nis, monolith, mistwalker and the namco tales studio are great devs.
Now if only square enix could come back to relevance I would die a happy man.

abzdine2832d ago

oh DQVIII HD is in my wild fantasies right now.

kevnb2832d ago

pcx2, plays full speed on some of the newer intel processors already.

abzdine2832d ago

yeah but a DQVIII HD on vita would be a great thing on the go. PC gaming isn't my cup of tea

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