A Look at the Future of the WWE License

Hardcore Gamer: Given the underwhelming and glitch-laden final pair of WWE games as part of THQ’s deal, it’s hard to not be excited about where the franchise is headed next.

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Zuperman2836d ago

Thank god! THQ was doing a horrible job with the franchise.

Larry L2835d ago

The only WWE game I've been wanting is the console version of WrestleFest. Does this mean Take2 will now be punlishing it? I know it can't be totally cancelled even though nothing has been said publically about it, because from what I hear, DLC actually released for it on the UK PSN even though the game hasn't launched yet.

Can anyone with a UK account check out that DLC (if it didn't get pulled) and see who the publisher is? I've been dying to know what's going on with WrestleFest, and that DLC releasing on the UK PSN just makees me even more confused.

Bumpmapping2836d ago

Lets hope EA doesn't get a hold of it.

stonecold32836d ago

sony should snapped it up since and get hold right to the wwe smackdown series ?

black9112835d ago

Its Funny everyone wants every THQ License to go to Sony.

gamernova2835d ago

I hope we start seeing it on PC. So hopeful. *fingers crossed*