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Analog Addiction Writes: "Dust 514 has so much going for it; unfortunately it’s all rooted in ideas and potential, not execution. After playing close to a dozen hours of the Beta, a couple of which was spent in menus, I still question whether I understand the basics. I fear that the steep learning curve and difficult barrier of entry will prevent most from giving the game a fair shot, and even then what’s left to discover might not keep them invested.

The idea behind Dust 514, CCP’s free to play MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) centers around a mixture between MAG’s large scale battles, Battlefield’s versatile land and vehicular combat with the complexity and depth of CCP’s other MMO, Eve Online. For those unaware, Eve Online is the hugely popular game that pits largescale airship battles and intergalactic corporate espionage. While the premise of Eve Online sounds heavily action oriented, the gameplay really comes down to micromanagement and interpersonal relations. So, it’s with this knowledge that I jumped into Dust 514, expecting a complex game. It definitely delivers on that front."

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ab5olut10n2836d ago

played a little yesterday, this needs some SERIOUS work

Viper72836d ago

Played the game for couple hours yesterday and had a blast. Plenty of new players who don't really have a clue what they are doing tough.

This isn't really the game for those players with ridiculously short attention span tough.

Also the Call of duty / Battlefield style lone wolfing will just get you killed by enemy mob who know your exact location.

ATi_Elite2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

It's NO Planetside 2 I'll tell you that!

Kinda glad that there is no PC version now cause the game play is totally Generic!

Yes it's Beta but I've played so many Beta's now that you know quality from "Oh boy I'm not getting that game feel"

Also spending ISK for a Gun and only to lose it forever upon Death is a RIP OFF!!

AllroundGamer2836d ago

lol and i thought the 20-30 meter infantry visibility in Planetside 2 was bad, but losing the purchased gun after you are killed is definitely insane...

HammadTheBeast2836d ago

Thats the whole point, guns only cost about 5000 ISK, you get around 200 000 ISK per match, it's pretty easy to stock up. Don't use what you can't afford to lose.

Viper72836d ago

Yeah it's what sets the game apart from other fps games. Everything you see on the field is bought with in-game currency.

It really makes you think twice before when and how to use the better but more expensive gear in battle.

From what I have heard they are also planning to allow players produce and sell gear they find/make on the market, bringing even more depth for the corporation and mercenary play.

violents2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

when you purchase your own equiptment in game it is limited. I usuallly purchase about 50 of what ever suit/weapon/upgrade at a time to use on a peticular setup, all done with in game currency, no real money, there are some things you can get with real money too but until the game is finished and I can see a real final product I will not purchase any thing with real money. But that's the point you build your own warrior for your play style. Limited supplies make it more realistic and add tension to the gameplay, if you only have a few suits left before your left with the generic presets you are more inclined to not die, or play in a COD fashion of running in all rambo and trying to get as many kills as you can in before your fragged. You can easily earn a million ISK for spending in store in just a few matches, even if you suck you get 200-300K most of the time. The matchmaker even tells you what the mission pays before you go so even if you lose you get something.

and frankly how is anything a rip off when you havent paid any money for it?

Lvl_up_gamer2836d ago

This was my impression on the game

This article pretty much says what I said.

Viper72836d ago

//but the overall game just feels empty. The environments are extremely boring and plain, I can't stand that you can see the enemy from across the map behind buildings so long as someone on your unit can see them and the shooting mechanics were just plain awful.//

The levels are randomly generated which is one of the reason why current maps lack trees, rocks and other miscellaneous objects. From what I hear they are planning to allow player corporations conquer and populate the terrain with installations and such.

How you show in the radar depends on your drop-suit, skills and modules. Scout suit has lowest signature profile making it the hardest to detect, and stealth modules will make it even harder.

There's nothing wrong with shooting mechanics, the hit detection is great and the customization options are plentyful. There's even support for PS move and Keyboard and mouse.

violents2836d ago

It is still in the beta phase so you have to give it some slack, So far I think its a great new development in the gaming industry and I hope it turns out well when the final product is out.

I will agree the levels are all relativly the same right now and dont offer much to look at but Im hoping that is a final polish kind of feathure, it seems like right now they are trying to get it to function properly on the gameplay end before they make it look the greatest. Which IMO is good because it doesnt matter how beautiful it is if it doesnt work.

HammadTheBeast2836d ago

Next build will be bringing in massive graphical upgrades, as well as foliage and vegetation.

r212836d ago

Its good to be honest, gives the developer what to fix before releasing it for launch.

BX812836d ago

I thought it was meh. Oh well at least I didn't have to purchase the whole game to find out.

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