The Next-Gen Question: Where Does Gaming Go From Here?

GenGAME writes: "With all of the talk about the newest Xbox and Playstation consoles, one can only think about the future of gaming as a whole. In the past 6 years, we have seen video games evolve into something beyond the traditional console formula. Technology is evolving, and we even have the power of HD gaming capable in the palm of our hands with the latest generation of “smart” devices. With the ever increasing popularity of Steam, and cloud gaming as a whole on the rise, the big question must be asked: what’s next?"

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Zuperman3005d ago


or via PSN store.

thorstein3004d ago

I think that gaming is going where it is going and will get there when it does.

Damn, I must be psychic!

black9113004d ago

Cant go no where but up.

Theyellowflash303004d ago

Xenoblade 2 trailer..... that is next generation for rpgs