What Would Happen to GTA?

By Kris Graft:

"If Electronic Arts is unable to retain the talent behind the GTA series following a potential Take-Two acquisition, things could get hairy for the sandbox crime genre, according to one analyst".

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Silellak3891d ago

The picture is better than the article, but I guess I'm just tired of hearing what Analyst X has to say about Situation Y.

Armyless3891d ago

The top X reasons that that Y will/won't happen.

Mr_Showtime13891d ago

It will be a sad sad day for me when I see that EA badge on a GTA case.

Lord Vader3891d ago

If EA screws up GTA &/or Mass Effect, I will personally ban them for life.

ScentlessApprentice73891d ago

GTA would contract the life-threatening malady that inherently comes with EA management, fall from the mantel of greatness, and will become a footnote in the history of once-superlative IP's(along with Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man)

EA is Cancer!

cRaZyLeGs 933891d ago

Why do people hate EA? The last line was a little harsh lol

Genesis53891d ago

Because 90% of their games are horrible,unplayable trash!

Bazookajoe_833891d ago

Because everything they touch turns to ashes..

Farsendor13891d ago

everything in gaming thats good ea buys it and turns it into crap

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The story is too old to be commented.