Politicians, Read This Before You Make Bigger Fools Of Yourselves

Those who represent us are sounding more out of touch and downright ignorant with every passing day. So we take it upon ourselves to educate them.

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Axonometri2832d ago

Well, WE ( the people ) are getting what was voted for...

tachy0n2832d ago

elections are the illusion of democracy.

Deadpool6162832d ago

They're too afraid to blame parenting (political reasons), so they take the easy route and blame electronic entertainment. Nothing surprising, if they don't understand it then they place the blame on it. It's been the same old song and dance for years. The comic book industry has already endured through the ignorant accusations.

We learn history for we won't make the same mistakes we made in the past, but it looks like people are just going to ignore the past and continue to repeat history.