Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Ships

Presenting explosive action in a unique and provocative World War II scenario, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the alternate reality shooter from Spark Unlimited, is now shipping to U.S. retail stores nationwide; the title's UK launch will follow on March 14.

Throwing gamers into a WWII like no other, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is set in an alternate 1953 where, following the fall of Europe, Nazi forces launch an invasion on the gateway to the United States. Opening with decimating attack on New York City, players take on the role of construction worker Dan Carson caught in the middle of the blitzkrieg.

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sak5003976d ago

And straight to the dustbin.

Captain Tuttle3976d ago

I would have bought this in a heartbeat. Now I'll wait until it's $30.

TheIneffableBob3976d ago

It'll probably suffer the same fate as Kane & Lynch and start selling for $10 each a few months after release.

Serjikal_Strike3976d ago

Dont bother with this one.....

Dr Pepper3976d ago

The demo was horrible. Sorry, no purchase from me.

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