Goodbye THQ: Deep Silver’s Big Gamble and What’s Next for South Park

While we’ve known it was coming for quite a while, we’re sad to say that THQ is dead. The publisher’s studios and IPs have been picked up by other companies, and the company is set to dissolve. Daily Reaction‘s Seb and Dan discuss the collapse, the sale and the future of THQ’s IPs.

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showtimefolks2832d ago

sad thing is no one has bought Darksiders IP, come on someone has to step up and buy it

sony i am looking at u so god of war team can make future darksiders games

joab7772832d ago

Yeah and metro last light best not get screwed up because it is going to be awesome. And i am pretty sure company of heroes and south park will do fairly well too. I love that south park is an rpg and everyone who has played CoH has said that it is shaping up really well. Heres to hoping. But metro last light would be a terrible loss. Though everything looks on track as of now. I will bet its better tham dead space 3 or crysis 3.

wheresmymonkey2832d ago

Apparently Platinum are interested in buying Darksiders and Volition of the price is right.

animegamingnerd2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

you're a gay fish

TrendyGamers2832d ago

It'll be very interesting to see how their franchises due under new publishers.

animegamingnerd2832d ago

RIP THQ why did you had to died and EA, actisvion, and crapcom are still around

360ICE2832d ago

Because they suck at adapting

Lou Ferrigno2832d ago

i absolutely loved Deep silvers Dead Island IP i am kinda stoked to see how it goes with the aquisistion now.. tbh didn't know they had that kind of money to invest in another company,good for them =)

doctorstrange2832d ago

I think they don't, but their parent company (Koch Media) does. Looks like they want to enter the big leagues

Lou Ferrigno2832d ago

and Rightfully so they should.. The more the marrier i say. :)

ZeekQuattro2832d ago

I liked Dead Island to but its scary that they worked on that game for over 4 years and it came out so buggy. Fun but very buggy.

Lou Ferrigno2832d ago

allthough i agreed with you because the ps3 version was Buggy (especially for how long it was in development) but it wasn't as buggy as most people made it out to be..

I beat the ps3 version and put over 150 hours into that game and barely encountered any bugs durring my time w/it.. Maybe everyone was goinng on about the PC version?.. they never made a game with that magnitude before so i'm sure (or at least hoping) that Riptide will be more solid and bugged out.. =)

ZeekQuattro2832d ago

Saint's Row is all that I'm worried about. Other than that my favorite THQ games were way back on the N64. Those were some fine wrestling games. It does suck to see another company fall but oh well.

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The story is too old to be commented.