Rumor: SEGA to Announce New Sonic Game Next Month?

Sources close to SEGA have informed The Sonic Stadium that the publisher intends to announce/tease a new game within the Sonic the Hedgehog series next month.

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Abash2836d ago

I hope so too, I miss the days where Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow served a story purpose and had their own playable levels.

PS4isKing_822836d ago

hell please yes!!!
SA3 now sega!!!!

Heisenburger2836d ago

Live and learn!

*guitar solo*

jimbobwahey2836d ago

I'd rather have Sonic Generations 2. It's the first good Sonic game in... well, a really really long time. I would love to see them continue down that road of offering up perfect 2D/3D gameplay than release yet another mess of a game if they attempt something else.

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metroid322836d ago

Not into Sonic anymore they should of done themselves a favour and sold sonic to Nintendo at least there would have been a few decades of good sonic games then SEGA have failed with Sonic.

EddieNX 2836d ago

Sonic is terrible today , the best game since Sonic adventure 1 and 2 is sonic colors for the wii. That game is ''great'' and looks AMAZING upscaled on the wiiu might I add...

Sonic generations was good. But Sega is definitely not the Sega we used to know and love. Sad but true.

League_of_Draven2836d ago

I hope it's not more sonic racing garbage.

felidae2836d ago

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is one of the best fun racers ever!

Ck1x2836d ago

I agree this game even gives Mario Kart a run for its money and I'm a huge fan of the MK series! One of the better franchise games that Sega has done in quite some time to be honest...

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The story is too old to be commented.