42 Level One - Nintendo Conference Thoughts

Andy goes over Nintendos reveals at their recent conference!

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browngamer412837d ago

It's like watching the conference through two different sets of eyes...while this guy found nothing to get excited about, I think I wet my pant's after the show...

MasterCornholio2836d ago

Nintendo did a pretty good job with the conference however in my opinion they could have shown a little bit of gameplay footage from Bayonetta 2.

stuntman_mike2836d ago

yeah, but we will get to see it at E3 or maybe even before.

wiiulee2836d ago

great conference..just a short view of things to come and it will only get better.

jdsampsonite2836d ago

This guy is just a Nintendo hater. This was not e3. This was just a half hour Nintendo direct. If they only announced one game that would have been great. To get all this info was great. For these games alone it would have made getting my WiiU worth it.