Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Making Brain Training Game For Vita

Siliconera: On top of Soul Sacrifice, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has another Vita title in the pipeline.

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Blastoise2835d ago


Gimme Soul Sacrifice.

TongkatAli2835d ago

Smart As is fun. I think its Smart As getting released in Japan. Soul Sacrifice is going to be amazing, Keiji Inafune.

2013 Pikmin 3 and Soul Sacrifice, omg.

sinncross2835d ago

It must be Smart As. That game was developed at SCEA... why would Sony commission another Brain training game from their SCEJ division?

And seems strange for SCEJ to suddenly have this game pop out of nowhere.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2835d ago

I would try it. I like using my brain.

Passing on training your brain? American?

Good_Guy_Jamal2835d ago

Let me offend a whole nation because one guy dissed a piece of plastic that the company I worship makes.

Fullmetalevolust2835d ago

I agree with above, pass, if it were some subsidiary company doing it (and I hope it is) I wouldn't mind one bit, and while I know very little about this brain training game, I'd rather see a full blown game developed like SCEJ know how to make'em.
Not sure that's what the vita needs at the moment.

Sanquine902835d ago

Dafuq? Give me a gravity rush 2