‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ high price tag and more explained by Capcom

Capcom’s Mike Lunn has answered a few questions, such as the high price tag and how the graphics were remade, regarding the high-definition port of “Resident Evil: Revelations.”

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Relientk772866d ago

Thanx, you just saved me from reading that

PygmelionHunter2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

You don't say?

showtimefolks2866d ago

its capcom who have been worst than EA as a publisher, they went from a great publisher which made quality games last gen to just money hungry and greediness till they get every cent out of you

on disk dlc check
character dlc for SF check
selling actual ending of a game via DLC check,asura wrath

i buy all capcom games used since i rather give my money to someone on ebay or a used game retailer than to capcom.

Root2866d ago

Money....I always imagine Mr Krabs saying that

"So why did you want to make the Krusty Krab 2"


ThanatosDMC2866d ago

Well, they're also selling Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen which is basically the ultimate edition, which is basically MvC3 to UMvC3.

Forbidden_Darkness2865d ago

For someone who is just buying it for the expansion, I agree... But someone just buying into the franchise, its a great deal indeed. I'll be picking it up after its release either way, when its like $25 dollars or so, just to save more money

Mounce2866d ago

Just like why they're not making it on PS Vita.

They'd think it not make them enough profit to warrant it. Screw RE fanbases or Vita owners wanting a good game.


metroid322866d ago

Vita has sold so poor i have to agree with Capcom keep your Monster hunter's and Resident evils on 3ds.

ABizzel12865d ago


Then what's the excuse for putting it on the Wii-U. ZombiU is the best selling non-Nintendo game and it hasn't even broke 500,000 copies sold and it's the 3rd best selling game on the Wii-U.

younghavok2865d ago

With the poor sales of the vita i wouldnt port it over either. Not only is the hardware selling poorly but so is the software. Big name games are struggling to find legs on the system. CoD AC LBP PSASBR just to name a few. If sonys big name games arent selling why bother? And before people start the Wii U crap, one is 3 months old, one is over a year. Capcom has already sold 200k on the console in japan alone where the sales arent even at a million yet, thats a pretty good number. So why not bring over another title thats kind of the same?

Mounce2865d ago

@younghavok - Did you just call the CoD Vita game a 'Big name game'? Hah....hah....

Games sell the hardware, the only way to make the hardware sell is games and publicity/advertisement and marketing.

So you're saying, because the launch games and after a year that it hasn't sold many games that came for it, yet none were 'MASSIVE', to give up? lol....

The idea is this....Make MORE GAMES...Better games, and games that push it more and more, not simply Give up, it's reasons like that why you don't work for gaming companies :L Lest a "Eh, this series didn't sell to my quoto, let's give up" type of expression would be more frequent...

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trickman8882866d ago

Typical crapcom. At least we dont have to worry about on disk dlc for this game........

League_of_Draven2866d ago

Tune in next time for...

"‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ DLC and more explained by Capcom"

Riderz13372866d ago

LOL 50$ for a HD port? F*ck off Capcom.

InTheLab2866d ago

I love the reasoning for it..

"Umm, it's in HD, new raid mode, it's in HD, new characters, it's in HD, unlockables, it's in HD, platinum trophy, it's in HD....oh, and it's in HD".

F*** off indeed.

TheDivine2866d ago

I won't buy it but to be fair it's a year old game that sells for 40 on a handheld totally redone in HD with new stuff added in and an expanded raid mode. I paid 40 day 1 (2 copies actually one was for my bro) and it was well worth it. Best RE since 4 by FAR!

I still say should've been the 40 the 3ds title cost but its Capcom. Its def worth it if you missed it. It's long, fun, tense, scary atmosphere, has the classic feel, and raid mode is the best coop in RE ever IMO. So addictive.

Number-Nine2866d ago

This is the company that originally wanted to sell the handheld version for $50. Now they finally have a legit excuse to sell it at that price! woohoo...go capcom!

....god i hate them.

PopRocks3592866d ago

I remember originally they stated it was because the cartridge held more data than the 3DS standard. Which is odd because Kid Icarus Uprising did as well, AND was bundled with the stand and that game was still only $40.

I agree, it was just to squeeze out more money, but hey, at least the game was worth it. I would never pay near as much for RE6. Sad that a portable game wound up being so much better than a full on numbered release.

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