Wii U Direct: Did Nintendo deliver?

Nintendo knew today’s Wii U Direct was important for many-a-reason – did they deliver?

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PopRocks3592835d ago

I believe they did. Nintendo fans have a lot to look forward to. New IPs, an HD remake to one of the arguably best looking Zelda games in the past decade, new installments to beloved franchises, updates to the OS and Miiverse... all announcements specifically for the Wii U. Nintendo did amazing work on this conference and I think they made a lot of fans happy.

I don't see why people have gone out of their way to spin this conference negatively and I don't know what their expectations could have been. Nintendo did a lot in this conference to get fans excited and whether or not people liked it, it has gotten people talking. I don't speak for anyone but myself, but I say this; this conference made me really excited and quite pleased about having gotten a Wii U. Sure people here don't agree with that, but hey, it's their loss in the end. 2013 was already looking pretty solid for gamers and I feel this Nintendo Direct made it even more so.

scottd2835d ago

I have to be honest and say that Nintendo Direct made me not want a Wii u even more than before, Nothing in there got me excited or interested in there new system. Don't get me wrong I'm not bashing, Nintendo is a great company and have wonderful 1st party titles that i will miss. They have just lost me since the Wii and I am having a hard time finding any reason to come back to Nintendo.

fossilfern2835d ago

Same here. I was looking an excuse to get a wiiu and with all these announcements I will be picking up a wiiu in a few months

Ck1x2835d ago

Be honest with yourself here. You were never interested in the WiiU or Nintendo games in the first place! Because you can't actually make us believe that this Nintendo Direct of all things was the thing that solidified your choosing not to get the system at all. That would be like me stating something crazy as, yeah I thought about getting a PS3 for Christmas, but when I heard Sony was making TLoU I changed my mind... Lol

N4GDgAPc2835d ago

well Only reason I got a wii is because of xenoblade.

And so far only reason I will buy wii u is because of the new xeno game. Other than that nothing else intrestes me. I'm hopeing that Zelda gets a major upgrade and everyone actually talks and link to. If thats the case I will buy zelda also.

khowat2835d ago

But you know what, that's okay. This nintendo direct may not have the games you want and that's fine and the wii u may never have the games that will bring you back to nintend and that's fine.

EddieNX 2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Well , you know , that's , just like , your opinion man!!

At the end of the day there is always gunna be loads of ''uber super duper Hardcore'' gamers who needs Crysis , sword slash unleashes , Shoty mc shooty , and dead arisen over and over again.

Me on the other hand am more inclined with Nintendo's Produce. The wii had some amazing games and was very refreshing compared to 360 and ps3 as was the DS.

For Me 3DS and Wiiu are my main Platforms and My moderately powerfull PC will play second fiddle. And I still have a 360 and ps3 to buy the last few games that I want if they don't come on PC.

And did Nintendo direct deliver ? 100% yes .

@Ezz2013 - The. Game. Is . Not . Finished. Yet. Probably about 55% complete.

And regardless of that nerdy list of irrelivant shite you just wrote , Monoliths softs game LOOKS better/prettier than pretty much anything I've seen on PS3 and 360.

Take your low bandwidth and put it in you £$%

Ezz20132835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

the only thing that made me laugh when Nintendo fanboys were screaming that the new "X" game is a next gen

direct feed from that game
Very low polygonal terrain

Sun height doesnt affect shadows at all. Here sun is about in 30 degree, but shadow is cast from 80 degree. So lighting is static, mostly prebaked. Shadow resolution looks like 1024k.

Particles quality is on pair with pre PS2 era, alpha texture resolution 64x64?

Water rendering is very simple, there is no refraction or distortion and no reflections from objects. Also next example of very low resolution alpha textures.

Foliage is completely sprite based, same as in Xenoblade

LOD is very aggressive, even for sprite based foliage and that means bandwidth problems of WiiU

i know i will get tons of disagrees for pointing those out
but all of those are direct feed from the trailer
that's how the game look like

as i said it look as good as most 3rd party games ...that's it

i'm not the one who did that it was the guys at neogaf
and it still alpha stage will look better at the end but again that's not next gen title no matter you say it 100 time to your self

but it good to point that out
since the hyperball about it being next gen game
when at best it look as good as RDR ..and that's it

AWBrawler2835d ago

Ezz, thats some hardcore nitpicking you're doing there. especially since the game is still in its alpha stage and doesn't even have a name yet lol.

I'm sure it'll look loads better and play pretty damn smooth when its released.

ElectricKaibutsu2835d ago

You just successfully pointed out the graphical flaws of a game in pre alpha.

I know your point wasn't that this game will look this bad when it launches, just that fanboys are bragging about things they really shouldn't be bragging about, and I agree with you. I've seen some calling it the best console graphics "evar". Which... is not accurate.

I expect these problems will be fixed by the time the game launches. Such as, as you noticed too, Monolith just grabbing assets straight from Xenoblade for the Wii and throwing them in. Obviously those won't be making the cut.

Ezz20132835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )


"""And regardless of that nerdy list of irrelivant shite you just wrote , Monoliths softs game LOOKS better/prettier than pretty much anything I've seen on PS3 and 360.

Take your low bandwidth and put it in you £$% """

i'm sorry that i hurt your feeling by showing how it really look like
it's NOT next gen title's far from that
it look like what most 3rd party games look like and even look less than those

and keep telling your self that with your hyperball

what ever help you sleep the night i guess ;)

iamnsuperman2835d ago

I agree with you but only because Nintendo is being Nintendo. I am not their audience. I didn't like Super Mario Galaxy 2 at all and was confused about the reception it got and their games remind me of that. I wish they were more risky because they can afford to be. Nintendo is the epitome of what is going on in the industry as a whole which is relying on safe releases and not taking a risk here and there. I want them to take a risk and break that stereotypical image that Nintendo has.

chadboban2835d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


What the hell man, I don't see why people thinking that a Wii U game looks good bothers you so much that you need to point out every graphical flaw you could find in what is obviously a pre-alpha build of the game.

The fact that you have several gifs and pictures prepared just to show flaws screams obssessed fanboy. I mean did you just go over the trailer with a fine tooth comb until you could find every flaw possible. I think the game looks great, but the graphics alone aren't what really got me, it was the incredible draw distance, the huge monsters, the online aspects, the amazing music and the FREAKING MECHS! I'm excited as hell for it!

I'm extremely excited for what Sony and Microsoft's next consoles are going to bring as I know we'll get some incredible looking games from them, but that doesn't mean I can't be blown away by what I'm watching just because it's on the Wii U.


So the game with the huge environments, giant monsters, guns, swords, flying and tranforming mech battles and the freaking shin megami tensei crossover are just stereotypical Nintendo right? Lol, shouldn't really expect less from you though bro, you're pretty hard on everyone, not just Nintendo(read some of your Vita reviews lol).

MikeMyers2834d ago

Short answer yes, long answer is still waiting for set release dates on games. I am still going to hold off getting a Wii U for now until the library builds and more improvements to the online are made. But this did peak my interest more.

guitar_nerd_232832d ago


I gave you a bubble that was pretty interesting.

I didn't really notice that in the trailer, not that it matters overly over than for console arguments.

Good points none the less.

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OmegaSlayer2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I believe it made the Nintendo fanboys j!zz.
The other gamers were ok I think.

As a PS3 fanboy I say...
I still get pissed with Sega for Bayonetta.
Bayonetta was my favourite game this gen, but no way in hell I buy a system for 1 game.

Iwata talking is such a pain to hear.

X seems very good and interesting for WHAT IT IS, not for how it looks.
And I loved Xenogears to death.

All the other typically Nintendo stuff was really meh.
I just find Nintendo titles to be unappealing and so boring.

So, 2 titles from a company that doesn't appeal me, whichever company it is, won't persuade me to buy a system.
I already realized that 3rd parties will skip WiiU soon snd it's from release that I say this machine is mid-gen, so I'll go with a Sony machine once again.

So, did Nintendo deliver? Yes, 100% sure it did with its fanbase, the question is if it did persuade a Sony or Microsoft fan that had no interest in the WiiU to buy one instead of waiting for the supposed Orbis or Durango.
With me, even showing 2 titles that could potentially interest me, it still failed to persuade me.
I would have loved to play Mass Effect and Gears Of War when 360 was announced, but it wasn't enough to grant a purchase (just as slightly crispier textures) the end I played Mass Effect anyway on my PS3 ;)

guitarded772834d ago

Well, at least you admit you're a PS3 fanboy, and don't just make some backhanded statement. I respect you for that... and I agree with most of what you say, with a little different perspective.

Iwata is horrible to listen to. I find myself checking to see it the video is buffering all the time, but it's just Iwata talking. But this is how all Nintendo employees talk on camera... even Reggie. I think they have to go through the same training before they can talk on camera, or to the public. Some believe it's just the fact that he's speaking another language, but you can clearly see, it is on purpose to make sure each word is articulated.

I own ALL systems, and I prefer my Sony consoles over the others... I bought a Wii U at launch, and since launch have not had any incentive to buy any new of soon to be upcoming games. But the Nintendo Direct was great for a gamer like me. I saw Monolith's project, Wind Waker HD, Wii U Virtual Store and conformation of Mario Kart, SSB and Zelda HD as enough to get me excited again.

I also dig that Nintendo talked about their commitment to Miiverse, and how they plan to keep making more improvements on a regular basis. I hope by this summer, they will have a lot more to offer. The one thing they could have announced to make me 100% on board with their direction is an overarching trophy achievement system. There are so many gamers that want it, and Nintendo will sell more games if they implement.

I still plan on getting a PS4 and XBOX 720 on day 1, but I see the potential of the Wii U and that it belongs in my gaming rig. Sure, it's not for everyone, but Nintendo has already done more for the core with the Wii U than they did in the entire lice cycle of the Wii.

metroid322835d ago

Yes 100% and it's only a Direct they have these all the time nothing new there but what they announced was special and there is lots more on the horizon.

HarryMasonHerpderp2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

It was enough for the die hard Nintendo fans, which is good since they are the ones who probably bought the WiiU at launch but it wasn't enough for me to get one just yet.
They have definitely got the ball rolling though, particularly monolith's new game, they just need to keep up the momentum and release some awesome games for E3 that we don't know about yet.
Really looking forward to this years E3.

Apex132835d ago

I think they made a good start and it will be rolling on.

Third parties complain about sales, however, Nintendo leave the door wide open and all the majority do is port with lazy extras added. And you wonder why you don't do well.

With development cost going up and studios like THQ sinking, developers should try harder. one can not survive without the other. Simples.

cleft52835d ago

So true, this was the third parties time to shine and they chose to wait for the console to sell more rather then coming out with amazing games that would sell the console.

Here is a newsflash for these guys, Microsoft and Sony don't need them to make system sellers for them and the cost of making a system seller type game for the 720/ps4 is going to be staggering. If whatever game they release isn't a hit then they could be the next THQ. Developing for Nintendo 3ds/WiiU is a cheap way for developers to get new IPs out there without risking their companies.

Still, I think that the Indie developers did shine in this time frame before all the big new Nintendo games where announced so I am glad for them there. Also, I am sure Nintendo will space out the release of these major games so that third party titles can sell well if they do decide to support the WiiU.

zebramocha2834d ago

You have no idea what just said,thq problems stem from not being to adapt with market,because metro 2033 & crysis 1 would've ended both companies for not being all that successful.

FlyingFoxy2835d ago

Well they kind of did deliver, only it would've helped if Reggie didn't lie when he said that multiplats on Wii U look significantly better.. I expected a bit more from the graphics, but they are definitely adequate.

metroid322835d ago

To be fair most WiiU multiplats look alot better to be honest ive compared lots and i'd say 70% of the wiiu multiplats are superior as they run in native 720p and a few at 1080p that alone makes then far superior with some like BO2 and Batman/fifa13 look alot better.

ElectricKaibutsu2835d ago


I agree with you about the multiplats. Even the Suda51 game won't be coming to the Wii U. C'mon Nintendo, buy third party devs some muffins or something, geez.

I had the opposite feeling about the graphics. For some reason I had this idea in my head that graphic intensive Wii U games would be super jaggy. I was pretty darn surprised that Monolith Soft's new game looks good and jaggy free.

morpha2834d ago

They were probably saying that in order to have lots of effects they would have to reduce the number of AA and AF passes. Which would make things Jaggy.

It remains to be seen if that's true or not. But the logic is sound.

cleft52835d ago

It's sad how when Nintendo finally shows off and officially talks about all these amazing upcoming games you get all the pathetic little haters that still refuse to acknowledge the amazing games coming to the WiiU. There is just no pleasing these blind fools, yet if Sony or Microsoft would have done this these same morons would be praising that company to high heaven.

Anyways I am hyped as all for the games they talked about and I can see that the WiiU is going to be a must buy for me. I am huge Atlus fan and a huge Fire Emblem fan, so I must play Shin Megami x Fire Emblem day 1.

RTheRebel2835d ago

circle of life in n4g
Just ignore the sony fan club here
nintendo makes games they still hate

Tiqila2835d ago

make another nintendo direct when the release date of that monolith game is known.

until then -> no hype for me.

(a lesson i learned from the past, when i was all hyped by the upcoming releases like The last guardian or final fantasy vs 13).

nothing to do with haters gonna hate

ElectricKaibutsu2835d ago

I doubt the Monolith Soft game will be vaporware. There's just no way Nintendo would let them get away with it. The Wii U NEEDS that game. Also from the look of the teaser trailer it seems pretty far along. A lot further than say The Last Guardian trailer.

Tiqila2834d ago

i agree on that @ElectricKaibutsu

what i meant is that though the game might come out eventually, it can still take lets say a year... for me that is too long to be hyped.

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