Siren headed to the PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment will be bringing the Siren series to the PlayStation 3, according retail reports out of Japan. And... that's all we know at the moment.

The staff behind the first two Siren games (yes, there are two in Japan!) has been soliciting staff for next generation work, prompting many to assume that a PlayStation 3 version of the PS2's scariest game series was on the way. Now, it's official, although the game doesn't seem to have a "3" attached to its name just yet.

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Dante15908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

It will be good to see a survival horror RPG in next gen graphics, i think it will rock, i know we have RE5 and Alone in the Dark, but this is more like Silent Hill so it should be stunning!

The Milkman5907d ago

I played it for the ps2 and it was nothing compared to Silent Hill and also it got a bad rating I believe. But I think there could be like another Silent Hill for the PS3 first most likely which when I start to see games like that for the PS3 i will be getting one.

kikilala5907d ago

does anyone have any info on silent hill.. i was wondering if the game would make it ways into the next gen... this is the one title that was surely quiet and almost absent from any rumors or news for the next gen... at least im sure havent heard anything about it accept one fake trailer about silent hill 5 on ps3...