How to build your own gaming PC part 1: Choosing the parts

There's never been a better time to jump into the world of PC gaming! Services like Steam are making PCs more friendly to console veterans whilst the old generation of consoles are taking a long while to limp unceremoniously towards the exit. The idea of building a powerful new gaming rig is becoming more attractive than ever, but there's still an invisible barrier preventing many people from trying it: the bother of building a PC. Well, it's not that hard at all! In fact, it's incredibly easy. Join Liam as he shows you just how easy in the first part of his nifty two part guide!

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KrisButtar2832d ago

Is it just me or did that seem like a sales pitch?

Enemy2832d ago

Bookmarked for when I build mine to go with my PS4.

hellvaguy2831d ago

Wait, how does a gaming pc go with a PS4? I wouldn't want them all shinny and new at the same time. Not enough hours in the day.

sdozzo2832d ago

I built my first PC last year. It was actually pretty easy and fun. Just watch some videos and you're good. Just have someone online double check compatibility.