Japanese developer cites Microsoft currency policy as barrier to XBLA development

Much has been made over the last seven years about the high cost of publishing, promoting and patching on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade platform. Last week, G.Rev president Hiroyuki Maruyama (Strania: The Stellar Machine, Under Defeat HD) shared his own thoughts on the platform.

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xboxpspfan2832d ago

Great article and excellent research!

MikeMyers2832d ago

First off they need to get rid of the point system.

RyanReynoldsIII2832d ago

A great piece of work here. You don't see bits of industry related info like this every day.

IAmNotAMonster2832d ago

Makes sense. The whole system is set up to put the financial burden of service and certification on the developers. Factor in the negative MSP/exchange for foreign currency and it's pretty clear why there's a constant grumble associated with XBLA development.

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