Quantic Dream Registers .Asia Domain, Has Done Casting Call For Chinese Actors

Interestingly, the independent French developer registered last May, with the same domain name registrar as Singularity. What’s of note is that more logical regional domains like .fr and .eu haven’t been registered, and neither have more general domains like .org, .biz or .info. All that they own in and now .Asia.

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Wedge192835d ago

It's good to hear of so much activity from Quantic Dream. They are a very promising developer that has some incredible talent with what they do, so even this small tidbit of news is great news.

knifefight2835d ago

I will buy...prooooobably anything they make.

ABizzel12835d ago

I'm not there yet, but I'm highly interested in everything this dev. does, after playing Heavy Rain. Looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls, whatever, they do with Kara, the new domain they have, and whatever they have planned here.

VsAssassin2835d ago

I will buy this game whatever it's going to be! Just make sure it's for the PS console only or too!