Wind Waker Wii U: Will Nintendo Anger Zelda Fans…Again?

GenGAME writes: Nintendo dropped a bombshell on us today during their Wii U Direct presentation. Not only did we get our first hints about what we can expect from a new Zelda game on the Wii U, but Nintendo also unveiled an HD remake of Wind Waker for the system as well.

Initial response to the game have been largely positive, but I can’t help but shake the feeling that this revelation is a mirror of the game’s original debut. Wind Waker has, over time, earned its spot among the top Zelda titles, but the game wasn’t so well-received at first. Can it find new life on the Wii U, or will it suffer the same criticisms?

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iamtehpwn2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Most of the anger came from the fact that when we first introduced to Wind Waker we assumed that it wouldn't be the sort of Zelda experienced we would enjoy but it turned out Wind Waker was one of the best experiences Zelda has to offer. The Art style also allowed for a new type of expression and interactive world. Most Nintendo Fans regard the game as legendary in quality.

Erimgard2833d ago

So you think the reception will be better, now that people are aware of the gameplay? I think that's reasonable, but there's still a lot of people who really want to see that tech demo become a reality.

SerodD2833d ago

I don't think most nintendo gamers care about the art style, I mean nintendo knows what works and what doesn't work with zelda, wind waker and skyward sword are a living proof of that. In the end it will all be about the gameplay, the new aditions, the art style means nothing, a game can be beatiful whithout full HD realistic graphics.

zerocrossing2833d ago

"Wind Waker Wii U: Will Nintendo Anger Zelda Fans…Again?"

Not at all, the game is a master piece and the art style is consider to have contributed greatly to that. Windwaker HD remake for the Wii U, can't come soon enough IMO.

EddieNX 2833d ago

Agreed. Windwaker launched way back , what was it 2002 ? I can't even remember off the top of my head , I was there though 11 years old and my body was ready.

A new generation of 12-20 year old gamers has formed since then and they will get the chance to experience WW for the first time with even more amazing graphics.

Windwaker will sell Millions on Wiiu , 100% guaranteed. And it will have a 94 metacritic score calling it now.

Judging by the quality of the overhaul , this is a full on REMAKE. not just a half assed HD collection style game...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2833d ago

Watching the Direct-

the 3rd Point that Iwata made about WW-HD made it seem like new content would be added and/or 2nd Screen enhancement.

Maybe use the WiiU controller as the camera? *click*

1upgamer992833d ago

The Wind Waker is and AMAZING game. I was disappointed at first seeing the direction Nintendo went with the the graphics, but I Zelda is one of my favorites so I bought it anyway. After an hour into the game I understood why Nintendo went the direction they did. It was a fantastic game, and I for one can not wait to play it on Wii U. The remake looks GREAT.

PopRocks3592833d ago

I was pretty disappointed when I first saw the art style as well, but the game was still amazing, both in gameplay and in visuals. An HD remake was perfect for this title and I am very excited. Can't wait to hear more for this and the new title.

Relientk772833d ago

What are they talking about Wind Waker is one of the best. if not, the best Zelda game in my opinion

soundslike2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Everyone seems to be missing the point.

Back then we had a ton of colorful games, in fact we pretty much got them non stop. What people didn't get a lot of, yet, is gritty realistic stuff. Thats just where the zeitgeist was at, the POLAR OPPOSITE of these days where everyone, including me, wants to get back to the colorful vibes, yet gets bombarded with realistic bull.

So there was a very popular idea that the next zelda game should feature a "grown up" link and thus a "grown up" art style. Of course that was obviously a stupid idea, that Nintendo very wisely did not entertain in the slightest and came with a game that everyone, in retrospect, now sees as the best choice they had.

guitarded772833d ago

Yeah... If Nintendo had made a darker/grittier Zelda at that time, I doubt it would have held up the way Wind Waker has. This conversion to HD looks great and still has the essence of the original visually. I think the change to HD with a grittier Zelda from that gen could turn out harsh, and take away from the essence of the original.

grayfoxx8812833d ago

I was so cautious of this game when it first came out. Totally loved playing it though when I picked it up. Will be getting the HD version without hesitation.

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