PlayStation Store Getting Overhauled In April

Kotaku Writes:

"While Metal Gear Solid 4, DualShock 3 and God of War news may have dominated our Destination PlayStation coverage, one other interesting leak came out of the retailer conference. According to sources there, the PlayStation Store is finally getting a graphical user interface overhaul, one planned to arrive alongside Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue on April 15. The revamp of the PlayStation Store is said to give it a look more in tune with the SingStore, which is already accessible from the PlayStation 3 version of SingStar."

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gamesR4fun3887d ago

man i h8 the interface they got now :(

decapitator3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

April. Mark that day on your calendar. This is the month with a lot of easter eggs. It will be a glorious month.

masterg3887d ago

Sony is beginning to get the big guns ready before GTA4.
A title that is so important in the console war.

So far we have confirmed before GTA4.
1. DualShock3
2. New Store interface.

Here is what I think is going to be added to the list.
3. In-Game XMB.
4. Home with achievements.
5. Price drop to $349 or $299. The $499 80GB MGS4/DualShock3 bundle is the first sign of the drop.

If this is what happens I actually think GTA4 will sell more on the PS3. If we look at the latest multi-platform games PS3 has done almost as many as the 360 and in a couple of cases more.

sonarus3887d ago

wnt hold my breath on this one after the whole in game xmb prank. But it would make sense for sony to launch all features at once in one massive update.

gamesR4fun3887d ago

really you got ta b good if you already know what a like more than I do.

shoot look at the comments even die hard ps3 fans like me know it blows... Sony too which is why their fixing it...

gaffyh3887d ago

@masterg - although GTA will be a great seller on both consoles, Sony is most likely doing this in anticipation for MGS4, which will be an even greater game.

sonarus3887d ago

i hate the fact that GTA4 is getting all the attention. I understand that it appeals to a wider range of gamers but i honestly do think MGS4 is going to be the best game of the yr. I still feel sony needs to drop that price from 500. It needs to rest at around 450 or 400 if they really want to catch sales. They have a lot of very strong first party stuff coming out this yr and they need to use this opportunity to ride as many ps3 sales the tidal wave of MGS4 can give them. If that means selling the console at a loss so be it.

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pwnsause3887d ago

wait so is the new PS store going to be integrated to the system, or will it still be like a website?

UnblessedSoul3887d ago

Hopefully this comes with a firmware update? and hopefully more games will be put on the ps store

decapitator3887d ago

Yeah it will. Rumors going around is that, Home might be launching a month later or might be sooner but they are all rumors right now.

winlonghorn3887d ago

This is going to be so awesome. :) Finally, they realize what we want. :)

Hapimeses3887d ago

Like the Singstore?

Man, I'm not so sure that's a great idea. Singstore is okay, but it isn't that great. Sure, better than we have now, but I'm unlikely to be blown away unless updated. Significantly better.

We'll see, huh?

cellypower3887d ago

This is singstar in action

wAtdaFck3887d ago

^^ wow...I can't wait to see how the PSN Store will look like.

PSWe603887d ago

That Singstar menu isn't great but it's certainly much better than the current PSN UI

skynidas3887d ago

Well it seems like April is going to be a really good month for us (PS3 owners)
-PS STORE Redesign
-GT5 Prologue
-Dualshock 3
-GTA IV (Just in case, im not saying that GTA is exclusive for ps3)

decapitator3887d ago

It kinda makes sense though. Since GTAIV is releasing in April and reports are that, the game will be heavily marketed for 360, Is only right for Sony to step up and steal some of that heat with their in house offerings.

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