Life after Epic: Getting to know Cliff Bleszinski (part two: his present and future)

Cliff Bleszinski, formerly of Epic Games, talks to GamesBeat's Dan "Shoe" Hsu about his future, the possibility of opening his own studio, social gaming, and how Gears of War got away from him.

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Sadie21002828d ago

I just read in the first part that he has two Lamborghinis. Is that really necessary? Get two different cars, at the very least!

IronFistChinMi2827d ago

Tell that to Seinfeld and his collection of Porsches!

konnerbllb2827d ago

Isn't the new orange one for his wife? White one he had before they married.

wita2828d ago

Hahaha, two Lamborghinis. How fitting.

darkronin2292827d ago

His fascination with local team loyalty is interesting... the only thing I can think of that can come close to that in video games is maybe Starcraft. Other MP games seem more focused on individual efforts/small clans.

black9112827d ago

Cliff develop an open world Spawn game(comic book). With a infamous arkham city vibe.