WWE Games License Headed to 2K

IGN:The era of THQ wrestling games is over. Sources have indicated to IGN that the WWE game franchise will be sold to Take Two, parent company of 2K. Terms of the sale are unknown at this time, as details have not been finalized. These negotiations appear to have taken place outside THQ's formal auction process.

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majiebeast2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Wow thats surprising i was really thinking EA would get it. Nothing for the evil empire's of EA and activision.

Off topic
Kochmedia picking what they should buy.

ApolloTheBoss2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Just so know I disagreed by accident. I mean wouldn't find that gif hilarious? XD

Ezz20132835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

well 2k are awesome ..can't wait to see what they will bring to consoles and pc

-Alpha2835d ago

What if they end up using Yukes, though? :(

BitbyDeath2835d ago

Maybe they'll give yukes the proper funding and direction to make a decent game?

Ezz20132835d ago

damn, -alpha
i hope that don't happen

NYC_Gamer2835d ago

2K needs to keep the WWE license far away from Yukes

TitanUp2835d ago

i don't like wwe but the games can be fun so it would be cool to see a wwe game come to pc with mod support

DeadlyFire2835d ago


WTF are you thinking. Keep that talk away from my mind!!!!!!

2k has knocked EA out of the NBA league of games now. I think their is alot of potential even if Yukes is the developer they will be strict on setting the bar to a new level or else find another developer.

One key thing I could see happen in less than 24 hours is a decision for a new game engine. Next generation is right around the corner and we could see Unreal Engine 4, Unity 4, CryEngine 3, and so many other engines possibly exist its crazy to think about.

What would be awesome is to see Avalanche or another developer show off a TNA game so that we have some competition again.

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thaimasker2835d ago

Thank god! There is hope for WWE Games now...Oh wait there is a chance the old employees will move over....please cody ledesma...Just retire from WWE Games, I want my GM mode

showtimefolks2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Now we may get some quality wwe games after all

Also WTH publishers buy the darksiders IP it's worth it

stone_cold2835d ago

finally....our dream comes true

BitbyDeath2835d ago

Couldn't think of a better company to get this.

R13DY2835d ago

Rockstar or Rocksteady would have been way more interesting

raiden-492835d ago

Take two owns 2K games who also own Rockstar and TBH Rockstar and Rocksteady have better things to do.

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