Ni No Kuni Review | VGU.TV

Joshua Mobley of VGU.TV enters the world of Ni No Kuni, and loves it.

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TheOneEyedHound2835d ago

It is a nice enchanted world, this review is much better. ")

NewMonday2835d ago

my young nephew is a gamer that goes for the popular stuff, the good reviews of this game made him try out a JRPG for the first time, but he was a bit overwhelmed by it, he was used to the straightforward games, gave him a tip to start build up his party from the start, and that it is a basic part of the game. he is digging in and hopefully we get more coverts.

TheOneEyedHound2835d ago

These type of games classify as art Imo, he will remember by playing this how incredible games can be.

creeping judas2835d ago

Such and awesome game, played 4 hours straight last night, sadly had to go to bed. Love how it simply goes from cut scene to game play without any change in the graphical quality!!