RPGs on Wii U: Nintendo really gets it now

Destructoid: "Today's Wii U Direct was a refreshing change, and a sign of good things to come for the Wii U. It seemed that, from today's presentation, that Nintendo has been listening. Maybe we made just enough noise. Maybe they're refocused. Who knows. But it does seem that they're tuned into the frequency of role-playing Nintendo fans now."

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000012832d ago

its nice that Nintendo is supporting developers who have a real passion to further the JRPG genre! in my eyes JRPG doesn't come to mind when i hear the name Square Enix, that company has no direction with the JRPG genre, just look at the mess the whole FF13 franchise and the time its taken for FF13 Versus to come out. but Nintendo is getting what it takes to support developers who want to deliver great games in the genre. hopefully Nintendo will continue this trend for years to come.

animegamingnerd2832d ago

yes if i had to only get one console next gen it would be the wii u since it looks like the home JRPG'S next gen

PopRocks3592832d ago

Nintendo was already pulling me into RPGs with the 3DS. This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as I'm concerned. I look forward to more announcements.

DivineAssault 2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

this is the only graphically appealing exclusive ive seen & theres no telling when its going to release.. i just hope it doesnt get overshadowed by nx gen consoles.. Graphics arent everything but threres only so much of that cartoony stuff i can take.. Fire emblem & Castlevania are coming soon which is AWESOME! just like this but everything else is the same old song & dance from em.. Windwaker looks good but ive been there done that 2 generations ago.. Not paying $60 to play it in HD.. Rayman, Bayo 2, & X are all i want for wii u.. There better be more announcements

metroid322832d ago

Pikimin3 is Amazing them new pics look remarkable end of there are tons of good looking games,every game looked nextgen from Bayonetta2 to Xenoblade2 from Wonderful 101 to Yoshi's yarn from Wind waker HD to Lego city all these games are Nextgen it's not possible to recreate these games in the same resolution and graphical detail on ps3/360 not a chance oh these games all have AA unlike the HD twins.

EddieNX 2832d ago

Shin megami Tensei X fire emblem , Monolith softs game and monster hunter ultimate all in year 1. Fantastic....

Really intrigued as to what the SMTxFE game turns out to be. Hopefully a touch based Strategy RPG where the graphics come to life in Cutscenes and battle sequences like Fire emblem awakening but with awesomer visuals.

bicfitness2832d ago

There isn't a release date announced other than Monster Hunter. And assuming that the other two will make it out in North America of all places, before 2014, is a fantastic leap of faith. Not a single piece of footage existed from the Atlus crossover, and the Xenowhatever one was cobbled together from Alpha footage and not even a real trailer.

I really wish people would just calm themselves a bit. Wait and see is a good attitude to have with many things in life.

000012832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

i agree, if i had to guess what the order of release would be here is my prediction. but obviously this is just my guess haha.
-march 2013- Montser Hunter Tri Ultimate
-ocober 2013- Shin megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
-spring 2014- Monolith Studios game

wiiulee2832d ago

when did nintendo not get it...nintendo is a real gaming company, they dont sell tvs or computers....nintendo always understand gaming...but with the wiiu they have all things clicking

2832d ago
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