The Creepy Side of Gaming

Gamedaily writes:

"Beneath video games' glamorous, pop culture image is a seedy underbelly full of misfits and creepazoids."

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BachelorBrit3888d ago

This has to be one of the stupidest articles I have read. Running out of ideas are we?

desolationstorm3888d ago

Always good to read comments first now I wont waste my time you know besides commenting

butterfinger3888d ago

It's amazing that this article basically describes and makes fun of the people that gave the authors a job. Those people that "creep" us out are also the people that keep the industry alive and booming. I mean, I can't stand all the fanboy battles on message boards, but they do support their consoles very heavily. Waste of space for gamedaily.

JoelR3888d ago

They do have some points though....

especially about the insulting racist jerks and anger management cases you run into online - I don't enjoy those so called gamers.

I say so called because I don't include them in my definition of Gamer and why should my enjoyment be limited by idiots like them...

I always have wished for a meta level kick function - kicks the idiot offline forever - based on number of kick votes garnered across all games.

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