Playing Consoles on the PC: The Emulation Spectrum

GameAlmighty's Matt Butrovich writes, "Having to sort through all of the competing emulators and familiarize myself with how to run them can be daunting, so I decided to share my results with you and hopefully make your initiation or reintroduction to emulation slightly more accessible."

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ItsDubC3888d ago

I remember fiddling w/ a Saturn emu back in the day, so I wonder what became of that scene.

Skizelli3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Saturn emulation is doing quite well. The only emulator worth bothering with is SSF. It can run a lot of games, but it's a bit of a pain to configure.

Here's its compatibility list:

TheIneffableBob3888d ago

Console emulators are great.
I recently played through Chrono Cross again through an emulator (my PS1 broke) at 1680x1050, 4x AA, and trilinear filtering and it looked awesome.

I also dabbled around with PCSX2, the PS2 emulator, but it still has its fair share of bugs. Some games work like Final Fantasy X (plays perfectly) and Final Fantasy XII ("playable"), but others like Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Shadow of the Colossus suffer from graphics glitches and/or slow framerates.

Yi-Long3888d ago

... I'm now trying to get emulators to work on my modded Xbox. I've been playing Super Mario World quite a bit these last 2 weeks orso, plus I wanna install Chrono Trigger so I can enjoy that game again.

Also really want to install MAME on my Xbox, so I can play Street Fighter Alpha 3, which I never have had a chance to play.

ItsDubC3888d ago

I actually play more SNES games on my Xbox than Xbox games. I was unable to get the N64 emu working on my Xbox, which sucks cuz that would've made it the ultimate gaming machine IMHO.

Yi-Long3888d ago

... it was pre-installed, although I'm not sure all games work. Mario Tennis didnt work, I believe.

But there arent really any N64 games that I'm interested in. Only game that I would like would be Zelda, but I have that one on the Cube already, so no need to play it through an emulator.

I would welcome a Dreamcast emulator though, if that would mean playing Soul Calibur en Japanese Shenmue again...