Nintendo Direct: Sony and Microsoft Are You Watching?

After today's Nintendo Direct, a look is taken at what lessons Microsoft and Sony can take from Nintendo.

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EddieNX 2833d ago

Sony is and Destination playstation they will have to bring the Vita and Ps4 bombs. PS3 is fine...

Microsoft is still busy destroying RARE , making Kinnect 2 and a projector called ''project illuminati room'' and kinectimals 2 and a load of multiplats that are inferior to PC.

Thatguy-3102833d ago

Sony and Microsoft don't compete with Nintendo. Even Sony has said they feel Nintendo runs it own generation by itself. A person that is only able to buy one console at the beginning of a generation who owned a PS3 or 360 will not skip out on the successors for a wii u. Sony and Microsoft know it that's why they have dragged this generation the most with their current console.

iamnsuperman2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

"Even Sony has said they feel Nintendo runs it own generation by itself"

The impression I got with that is there is a big Nintendo fanbase that also buys Sony or Microsoft products. This fanbase do no fully care on what the system is as long as they can play Mario , Zelda.... The thing is a Nintendo consoles do not compete at the same level as Sony and Microsoft as they have become a console you (big Nintendo fanbase) will get regards (fantastic position to be in by the way). Unlike Sony and Microsoft where you tend to get either or.

It isn't a bad thing and more often than not it is the most ideal solution for a console manufacturer. They have there games that sell the system regardless of third party help. Sony and Microsoft on the other hand need that support and often their exclusives with third part support are the deciding factor between a PS3 and 360.

lilbroRx2833d ago

Have you read this yet? It was their comment on the Wii U.

Gamer19822833d ago

I would agree with that. Nintendo are happy being behind and sticking with there fanbase. However that was because in the past with the wii it sold to a new demographic. One they didn't really care about. However it may not work with WiiU.

etownone2833d ago

"and a load of multiplats that are inferior to PC."

And a load of multiples that are superior to PS3.

PygmelionHunter2833d ago

Problem is, the PS3 still relies on its exclusives, what the 360 lacks, so...

morkendo232833d ago

illuminati room?? oh'my goodness the devil in video games now???? sure he- they are.......

or did you mean illumni-room projector.

TongkatAli2833d ago

Please don't announce PS4, rape them in price Sony. ITS A TRAP!!!

joab7772833d ago

I agree but they can do both. They can continue to support the ps3 ti battle the wiiU and ps4 to battle xboxnext. And i would consider today more of catching up for nintendo. They opted to get a jump on next gen consoles by creating this gen hardware. Also, most of their big titles didnt release at launch and who knows when they will. He says Sony is complacent. What? They have many exclusives including games that are similar to the bigN. And they are pioneering the HD remake. Also as he mentioned, they are both a little busy right now with real next gen consoles. Nintendo may survive with their trademark games that everyone loves while Sony and Microsoft battle it out, but i think Sony has the opportunity to steal from both companies. Anyway, Nintendo's launch was lackluster and they dont have much time before they lose the spotlight entirely.

bothebo2833d ago

Very well said. Nintendo needs to get momentum going for their console ASAP if they don't want it to get blown away by new hardware releases and the rumored launch line up the PS4 is said to have. I also don't doubt that Microsoft will price the next box competitively in order to try and shrink Sony's and Nintendo's market share.

stragomccloud2833d ago

Except it isn't "current generation" hardware by console standards. The Wii U uses a gpu similar to those released in 2011. The next sony and microsoft platforms will be using gpus from 2012. All are considered "next gen" by console standards.

Fierce Musashi2833d ago

I might actually be interested in E3 this year, after today. Let's keep up this good momentum.

YoungPlex2833d ago

This is how you build good hype, I like the direction that Nintendo has taken when reveling games! No longer do we have to wait till E3, though I'm sure there will be many announcements there, Nintendo has found a way to keep their fans excited before then. I'm ESPECIALLY EXCITED for Monolith Soft X, and am no longer worried for the system as of now. Things could change, but for now am super EXCITED!

JoelT2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

The Wii U may not be as much of a revolution as it is an evolution, but the way Nintendo is taking to the hype machine that is video game announcements, Nintendo Direct, as a news platform, is definitely a game changer.

Phil322833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I like how Nintendo is bypassing the Western press completely with these Nintendo Directs. They can deliver information their way without having to deal with the press mangling up the message or unfairly editorializing the news.

DivineAssault 2833d ago

oddly theres new games announced for PS every single week.. Not just at E3 or Destination PS, or anything else.. Theres always new news of new games being announced.. Keep an eye on the news sections & not opinion pieces.. Nothing wrong with being excited about a new game brother... I was excited when i seen the last of us get announced & shown.. Not at E3 but before it on a regular day remember? I was excited for Ni No Kuni not at E3 but a regular day.. Same as Tales of Xillia, GOW Ascension, etc.. None were revealed at E3 except Beyond 2 souls & wonderbook..

Ck1x2833d ago

Well since PS gets new games announced every week you guys can stop plastering the same 4 games coming in every thread! TLOU, Beyond, GoW, and Ni NoKuni. I've stated before that I have no clue why Sony fanboys proclaim these games in every post they make. But sales of Sony's 1st party exclusives vs 3rd party buggy games aren't even close in sales comparison. A game like Uncharted should sell like Halo does on the 360 if you guys really put your money where your mouth is...

SmokingMonkey2833d ago

So no new Zelda till november 2014 then?

I'm not impressed with the WiiU... so far.

I will reserve my purchase until they release a GOOD metroid. (which sadly might be never)

wishingW3L2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

the only thing I liked was the X announcement but people are blowing this out of proportion really. Nintendo is still missing on tons and tons of 3rd party multiplats this year and Sony has its own set of Triple A exclusives for 2013 on top of the rumored announcement of the PS4.

HD ports like Wind Waker and announcements for games that will not even come out this year is nothing to get SO excited about if you ask me.

3-4-52833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

* 3D Mario Game is huge news. So is a yoshi game, a random SMT X FE crossover game and WW HD along with New LoZ and Mario Kart announcements.

Most anticipated E3 ever for me.

We get to possibly see a 3D mario game that resembles Mario 64 !

DonFreezer2833d ago

Are you fanboys that delusional?The new game by MonolithSoft looks like the best jrpg of all times and you keep telling us about the unanounced ps4?

Neonridr2833d ago

you say GOOD as if they have never been good.

Aside from Other M, which was a little different and a departure from the regular the Prime Trilogy was utterly fantastic, and was an amazing purchase on the Wii because they added Wii controls to the first 2 games.

If anything, the Wii U game should hopefully build on the successful Prime series..

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