Zelda Wii U Developers are Rethinking the Conventions of Zelda

Much like the new Super Smash Bros., Super Mario, and Mario Kart games, Nintendo didn’t reveal any screenshots or trailers for the new Zelda Wii U game, but they did give us a few small details about its development.

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Nevers0ft2402d ago

Non-linear Zelda? Yes please... Heck, stick Hyrule in a sandbox, call it Grand Theft Zelda and let me just go "adventuring" :)

robparko2402d ago

Non-linear Zelda would be awesome, something that I could definitely get behind.

3-4-52402d ago

I could care less about Dungeons. I just want to go from town to town doing side quests.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2402d ago

OK, I know I wrote:

"Zelda, Mario, Kart- Knew it was coming, always SMH when people get so excite about no-brainers. Details, Screenshots, and Release dates- yes; No-brainers- no.
But hey, I am happy you are happy."

Just a short while ago, BUT this is a detail- Vague- but a detail-

So, I am officially EXCITED...

robparko2402d ago

I agree: Mario Kart, Zelda, 3D Mario, all givens. The details and trailers are what excites me, so I am also officially stoked.

Root2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Imagine flying around Hyrule on something in a massive open world Zelda game

However for vehicles there's only horses really...maybe trains/boats but I don't think I can remember ever seeing a car type vehicle in the game. The flying ones are easy since it could be a bird, hot air balloon or an airship.

Imagine all the easter eggs they could squeeze in....maybe a secret, very hard to find Mario Kart you can find. That would be amazing

I hope theres a little bit of voice acting in the game though, Link has to speak if they want to expand on his relationship with Zelda. Even if they mix English with Hyrulian that would be fine with me, like how AC2 mixed English with Italian words

robparko2402d ago

Very awesome ideas, and I think they could fit well if the overworld map was designed similiar to that of Zelda II. You'd have to use the boat to cross the world, use flight to go to remote locations, and use the horse/train on land. Nintendo has a chance to make something truly epic with their next Zelda game.

Lord_Sloth2402d ago

I'd rather be riding as opposed to flying around it. I just liked Epona more.

kma2k2402d ago

Just dont give him a gun & add cover shooting please!

Summons752402d ago

I know it will never happen but anyone else think a Demon/Dark Souls styled Zelda would be great? All the Zelda goodness but with a brutal difficulty =]

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