The PlayStation 4 Has A New Controller, Fancy User Accounts And Impressive Specs (So Far)

Kotaku: Last March, we gave you an early look at how the PlayStation 4—code-named Orbis—was shaping up. Nearly a year later, we're about to bring you a clearer, more timely update, including new technical specs and information on an upgrade to Sony's traditional controller design.

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Root2866d ago

"Sony seems to be implementing a design similar to that of the PSVita’s by including a capacitative touch-screen to the back of the controller"

....I don't know how I feel about that

The reason I could put up with it in the PSV was because I thought to myself it's a handheld, this is best substitute for back triggers. However this is a controler, I don't want to rely on a touch screen to do something on screen, especialy if it's at the back. Unless it has R1/L1 AND R2/L2 triggers aswell as the touchscreen at the back

Keep it simple Sony you don't have to change it. Hope this isn't true

BrunoM2866d ago

Agree if the case I that try would not have an actual R2 L2 triggers but I think they will be there and they will add the back touch pad ..

Maybe if for nothing else to add "option to the Devs"

blackbeld2866d ago

"PS4 development kits—model # DVKT-KS000K—as of January 2013. As you'll see, some things have changed since earlier kits became available in March 2012."

System Memory: 8GB
Video Memory: 2.2 GB
CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 "Bulldozer" (so, 8x cores)
GPU: AMD R10xx
Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
Drive: Blu-Ray
HDD: 160GB
Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels

Wow.... I hope the consumer console will be close like the devKID.

Bladesfist2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

The 8 core bulldozers are really power hungry and have some of the worst performance per watt. I have one at the moment and according to CPU Boss it consumes up to 230w. It would have to have a huge underclock to make it possible on a console.

jimbobwahey2866d ago

This is yet another rumor article that in all likelihood is completely false. People should know better than to trust articles like these, especially when they're posted on sites such as Kotaku which have absolutely zero journalistic integrity or credibility.

This article is purely fishing for hits, and it's a shame to see so many people here actually being suckered in by it. If any of the information in this article ends up being true, it will purely be the result of coincidence and luck, nothing more.

Also for anybody wondering about the specs that they claim are true, development kits are always more powerful than their retail counterparts. Therefore if those are the supposed specifications of an Orbis development kit, the actual console itself will most definitely not have as much memory etc.

FrightfulActions2866d ago

Speaking of the R2 and L2 buttons I hope the new controller ditches the curved inward style. I'm hoping they adopt something similar to what the accessory "PS3 Real Triggers" are.

I remember back in the PS2 days L2 and R2 were always default aim and shoot buttons. Now due to the weird design that is prone to slipping fingers, most games have that switched.

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shackdaddy2866d ago

Don't know why Bladesfist got disagreed. Bulldozers are complete trash. I hope PS4 doesn't have it...

hakis862866d ago

Why 2 ethernet ports?

Can't think of a single device that has use for more than one (except routers, modems, etc of course).

Red_Orange_Juice2866d ago

^^^ have you ever been in dev studio, have you worked on a video game, it's a DEVKIT, if its there - they need it

SolidStoner2866d ago

for me, most important part for next console is it to be powerful and easy to use (it must be faster in every way) if there is a new controller and with touch screen then it again will be slow in a way... we all know that buttons are much faster and easyer to use than touch screen...

Sony have to make it right! at least make many way's to do things, then I will be happy.... some may like touch screen, some buttons! think twice!

Bolts2866d ago

Bulldozer is a garbage CPU. It's the reason why AMD stock prices are in the condition they're in right now. Seriously if Sony is coming to market with specs like this then they better make damn sure they beat MS on the release date because there is nothing enticing about this console at all.

4K gaming will totally crush this so called nextgen box.

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Thatguy-3102866d ago

Don't see why it bothers you that it will be there. Knowing Sony they won't FORCE you to use it. They always tend to offer the option to utilize the gimmicky features or stick with the simple navigation . Better having it than not having it right.

Root2866d ago

I'm bothered because we don't know if it will remove the R2/L2 triggers

If it does then I'll be bothered

If it doesn't then I won't be

BrunoM2866d ago

Root I see what u mean but from what you read they are keeping the DS3 as is ...

In my mind they will make it bigger in size and add the back touch pad and an option to the Devs to add to their game and even Sony to interact with te ps4 Orbis os ..

But if I had to put money down I would bet Sony Keeps the ps4/Orbis controler as much as like the DS3 as they can adding 3 to 4 new things like the touchpad,sharebutoms for twits pics what ever and 1 or 2 new additions

Ju2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Nobody said anything of removing the L2/R2 triggers. I understood that they add a touch control pad. This could be great; not only for games but for apps to navigate, like browser, Netflix or what ever.

This makes it an entertainment center not just a console. Me likes. I'm surprised nobody did that earlier.

iamnsuperman2866d ago

"I'm bothered because we don't know if it will remove the R2/L2 triggers"

They will not remove the R2/L2 triggers

AzaziL2866d ago

Better not, I'm liking the rear touchpad idea but they should never be used for quick touches that frequently tend to not get registered on existing touch devices.

MasterCornholio2866d ago

They need to improve the triggers though. Thats really my only issue with the DS3.

Riderz13372866d ago

The touch screen on the back will prove most useful in FPS games. You could use it to knife or jump and it would allow you to never move your hands away from the analog stick which would then not delay your aiming.

BitbyDeath2866d ago

I'd rather a back touchpad over a front touchpad.
At least the back one won't be a plastic screen. It should just still feel like a normal controller.

Ju2866d ago

Don't like it on the back. I don't even like it on the Vita. No game really uses it in a smart way and if I press it in the wrong moment because my hands are to big and rest on the back. Should be front touch because it interferes less with the other inputs on the controller.

ABizzel12866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )


I don't think it really matters. If it doesn't work within the game, then developers will simply not use it. I'm sure you'll have a couple of games force it on us at launch, but I don't see it becoming something standard.

Look at the Vita, the front touch is fine when it used right, but the only game to use the back screen well IMO is ModNation Racers and that's for building maps. LBP does a decent job of pushing objects out of the background, but more often than not you miss the object simply, because you can't get an exact visual of where your fingers need to be when using the back of a controller.

If they do add a touch pad then it should be on the front of the controller, but there's really no space for it, unless they make a bigger controller. Maybe they can move the Select, Start, and PS button to the bottom of the controller (below the thumbsticks), and that entire middle section can become a 2" - 3" touchpad / touchscreen. That would work. And while they're at it fix the L2 and R2 triggers.

What would be better IMO is to add a memory card into the controller (1GB), and allow use to use the touch screen to download save files, screenshots, gameplay videos, etc... to our controllers so we can share them when we go over a friends house. That's how you innovate a controller.

The thing I hope doesn't happen is games begin to take full advantage of the touchscreen and become tap the screen to win like in Marvel vs. Capcom for the Vita.

Ju2866d ago

Sharing wouldn't be necessary if everything is saved to the cloud and especially with the new multi user login support (which I would imagine requires to be online on any console; not just your own to, for example, sync trophies at your friends house). I find if that's streamlined, that's quite an awesome feature.

And I fully agree with the rear touch assessment (see my comment above).

KwietStorm_BLM2866d ago

But why do you suggest relying on it? It could be a great (optional) ADDITION to what's on the face of the controller. Its so much easier to multitask in a game on PC because of the placement of keys, button mapping, or just the sheer amount of extra toggles. I can't believe we're about to go into the 8th generation, and we still don't have the option to map buttons how we want. Just one example of how this is hindered on consoles is in Battlefield 3. Spotting enemies requires you to take one of your thumbs off the sticks. Arming/disarming an M-Com while trying to aim and shoot and the same time is a headache. I think this approach would open up some things for console input without drastically altering what we're used to.

LackTrue4K2866d ago

If they ever add a screen to the controller, I hope they only use it for reading messages sent to you. And a fast way to go to the ps3 menu, other then that....I hope I has little to do with gameplay. I want my eyes on the tv.

1nsomniac2866d ago

What a strange thing to say, of course it has L2/R2,it says its the same config with an added rear touch & also the pad itself clicks in for an extra button. Why wouldnt it have L2/R2?

Root2866d ago

Yeah I know that

I was just saying with things changing I wouldn't WANT them to remove it in the end.

Crazyglues2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

OMG! OMG! OMG... if these system spec's are to be believed, the PS4 is going to be a Monster... Wow

OMG!... This is better spec's then my wildest dreams..

Can you picture what the Games will look like... Oh my god.. with these specs -Unreal 4's engine is going to have no problem running..

This is going to be the most amazing Gaming year ever... I almost passed out, just thinking about what GT6 is going to look like on PS4...



DragonKnight2866d ago

Don't believe anything Kraptaku has to say about Sony. Since they've been blacklisted by Sony after the Home situation, anything and everything they have to say is almost certainly a load of B.S. that no one should pay attention to. Especially since they've had a grudge against Sony since the Home situation.

isarai2866d ago

It's nice to have it as an option like the sixaxis. I could see it being used for some pretty neat stuff like puzzles, lock picking, safe cracking, zooming in(binoculars/scopes), etc. however if it comes at the cost of having very expensive controllers i think i may want it left out

porkChop2866d ago

It has all 4 shoulder buttons still, the touchpad is just an addition. It's a good idea I think, more buttons/controls allow for more complex games.

infamousinfolite2866d ago

I don't think it will be the focal point of a game like the six axis controller function is for the ps3 in MGS4 where the function is used for side things like when you call up rose or to heighten the camera module on the Mk 2. It'll be up to developers to figure out how they'll have the players use that function.

Cam9772866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I despise the Vita's rear touch pad. You can't see where your finger is and it puts the user in awkward positions that make it easy to accidentally drop the Vita. Get rid of it, Sony!

That is literally the only problem I have with the Vita!

THC CELL2866d ago

Or is it that u.are useless, I will love the back touch works well when I play lbp.. Also do u look at the buttons on the front too

2866d ago
TAURUS-5552865d ago

everythings looks so sweet and powerful.

the only thing im worried about is the new controller, we sony fans like simple things, tbh i dont give a shit about touchscreen.

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a08andan2866d ago

If anyone is worried about the small hard-drive size, don't be. With the next generation of Blu-Ray players inside the ps4 you wont need to install almost anything. The content can just be streamed I think ^^ The Blu-Ray in the ps3 is too slow for it do to it as the ps4 will be able to :)

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FlyingFoxy2866d ago

as a PC gamer, installing to HDD/SSD is better than constantly reading from a disc.. it's also great because it shows we don't really need Bluray discs for games.

PC games are just compressed, then unpacked to the drive ready to play where they are much bigger negating the need for Bluray.

if consoles just had tidy sized hdd's (with maybe an ssd to compliment it with fast speeds) then there would be no need to have a Bluray drive in the first place except maybe to watch movies.

Arksine2866d ago

Many PS3 games have uncompressed 7.1 audio and their FMVs are encoded at a much higher bitrate.

I game on a PC and love me some Steam games. But most FMVs have artifacts, and the audio isn't quite as good. Is there a real "need" for bluray games? No, but it does add to the experience.

It would also be nice to have the option for full or partial installations, but not necessarily the need to do so. If you compress data on disc then you eliminate the option.

SmokingMonkey2866d ago

Ni No Kuni is DL on PSN




Kur02866d ago

"negating the need for Blu-ray" A lot of PC games come on 2 DVD discs+ now...

nukeitall2866d ago

I vastly prefer installing a game, than running it of a disc for three reasons:

a) wear and tear on the optical disc drive

b) speed. loading off hard drive is faster than optical disc

c) noise

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AznGaara2866d ago

Or just spent $50 on a 500gb hard drive. I'm assuming Sony will keep with the standard 2.5" laptop hard drives that you can just pop in and format.

sway_z2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Awesome....I'm anticipating purchasing 2 awesome consoles in the near future!!

...Wii U is not one of them Lulz

*When did 160GB's become small??

ABizzel12866d ago

It was small for the PS3 with all the data installs and PS+ easily eating 250GB HDD.

However, with faster Blu Ray drive speeds, 160GB shouldn't be as big of a problem going forward with the PS4.

DarkHeroZX2866d ago

idk, 250gig should be the minimum standard. I had 700 gigs but used up 500 gigs just on all the digital titles I've bought.

dboyman2866d ago

I'm now glad got that 1TB WD Scorpio Blue HDD for my PS3 during that boxing day special... If PS4 same way get another 1 TB HDD if on special...

Drainage2866d ago

so you will be buying 2 of the same console lmao

celticlonewolf2866d ago

The hard drive is probably small because this is the dev kit which doesnt need a large hard drive but does have extra memory over the retail version