Comfort and stability: Unraveling the appeal of Tales of Xillia | Joystiq

Joystiq: "The Tales franchise has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, going from bona fide cult favorite to one of the most successful JRPG franchises this side of Final Fantasy. Unlike its competitors, the Tales series has been mostly content to stay the course over the past ten years or so. That remains the case for Tales of Xillia, which will please its now very vocal fanbase, even if it won't make many waves outside of the RPG community."

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Snookies122401d ago

Baba is just amazing, he is now one of my favorite people in the game industry. He knows you should honor the fans that made your games such a success by not betraying them and changing too much in the past games they loved. (I'm looking at you Final Fantasy) "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." is the term I'm looking for here.

Tales games are really fun in their combat, and the character interactions are just the highlight of the games. I always want to find every little scene with every single character just to spend that little bit of extra time with them in their world.

As long as Baba stays in charge, I will be purchasing Tales games day one for as long as the series continues from this day forward.

Hicken2401d ago

I feel like- more like I KNOW- I'm in the majority when it comes to being a fan of FF.

I've never had a problem with XIII. I was glad it was so different from XII, which was so different from X, which was so different from IX, and so on. There are some themes that have been present in every FF, but I'v honestly never EXPECTED them; if something from a previous game isn't there, well, that was the last game. Eventually, I expect that few themes will be left from the original games, as the series gets longer and longer.

What XIII seems to lack, in terms of other FFs, doesn't bother me.

As for Tales games, I don't have the history with them that I have with FF, but I have yet to play one I haven't enjoyed. (Though I also seem to be in the minority of Tales fans that enjoyed Legendia.)

leahcim2401d ago

I really have high hopes for this, Tales of Graces F was awesome!

Snookies122401d ago

Yes it was, that game became one of those ones that I just wouldn't get rid of or trade in for any reason.

abzdine2401d ago

Ni No Kuni first and i'm planning to buy Graces F after

DivineAssault 2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

cant wait.. Enjoying Ni No Kuni for now & then i will buy this day 1.. I really REALLY hope tales of hearts r gets localized for vita