What Is News?

[The Sixth Axis]Remember 2012? Of course you do. That was the year of the London Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee and the year games journalists questioned themselves and the industry for being too heavily influenced by PR. In fact, that whole situation led TheSixthAxis to return to its roots, focusing a lot less on the press releases and more on writing our individual, personality-led pieces.

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Cursinguser3006d ago

Appreciate the article. As I'm sure you know, running a successful site is hard and requires a ton of work. Honest and original content should be a focus at any outlet, but the fact of the matter is that echoing press releases kinda comes with the territory as well.

originaljonty3005d ago

Reporting a press release is part of the territory but simply rewording one isn't what we should be doing. Take that press release and see if you can find more news on it. If not add your own opinion, criticism or anything like that.

Cursinguser3005d ago

I understand what you're saying and I certainly agree. However, there is always the factor of time. Being on N4G, we except the fact that getting news up quickly is important. Doesn't mean we need to be disingenuous, but that is one reality of managing content.