The Top 12 Handheld Games of 2012

SuperPhillip Central says, "2012 was a terrific year for handheld gaming, despite all of the gloom and doom from certain folks saying that the dedicated handheld system is approaching death's door. 2012 was the launch of new handheld hardware in the West with the PlayStation Vita, and it was the start of the Nintendo 3DS system's second year of stellar software. This list of the top twelve handheld games of last year focuses solely on dedicated gaming platforms. A list of great games on mobile devices in addition to the titles listed would keep us here our night. Without further ado, these were the grandest of the grand in dedicated handheld gaming for 2012."

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majiebeast2833d ago

BUBUBUBUT psvita has no games /s

MasterCornholio2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Sorry bub but vita only has 5 games on that list so its a failure in comparison to the 3DS which has 7 games on the list.


Pretty good list but i would replace Crashmo with Mutant Blob attacks or Sounds Shapes which are both excellent handheld games.

WeAreLegion2831d ago

The Vita should have made up the entire list though. Seriously. It had TONS of fantastic games last year. The 3DS had...well, nothing. Pokemon Black/White 2 were DS games.

Froakie2832d ago

I would have put Disgaea 3 and Pokemon Black 2/White 2 on the list.

ayabrea932832d ago

that was actually a fantastic list of games.

PuertoRicanVolta2832d ago

Id of put Zero Escape on that list as well, but still its a good list

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