Capcom explains why 'Resident Evil Revelations' isn’t coming to PS Vita

On Wednesday morning, Capcom addressed questions concerning PS Vita’s omission from the re-release of “Resident Evil Revelations”. The reasons may surprise you.

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Snookies122835d ago

So... They just didn't want to do it basically... Oh Crapcom, you fail all the time this generation.

I'll make sure to get this used for my 3DS. Don't want money going to them. So weird saying that when I hate buying used because of that exact reason. This is the one company that deserves it.

PraxxtorCruel2835d ago

Funny had it been the other way round and you would've more than likely been slamming the 3ds for being 'old tech' and completely pointless and that the Vita was far superior and the sorts and that they made the right decision and I'm sure then you would've been happy to give your money to them. Ah some people.

TheFirstClassic2835d ago

Funny that you would make a baseless judgment about another user... There are no lifers who devote their lives to loving any of the three companies, so don't act like it's all one sided. There's no reason to try to start an argument with someone who's being reasonable.

Snookies122835d ago

I have a 3DS...... So, no. I would not have slammed it for that.

phantomexe2835d ago

snookies no but most on here would. Saying they wouldnt, wood be likeing saying n4g is a site with no fanboys. Sony fanboys would smell blood in the water and be all over it. I love my ps3 but my vita......its a train wreck and it needs some great games.RE would of been nice. Btw people do not write out a list of games saying these are great vita games. Ive seen it and still only own two that were even worth getting.

LOGICWINS2835d ago

"Sony fanboys would smell blood in the water and be all over it."

ROFL..I just spit out my water.

2835d ago
Red_Orange_Juice2835d ago

dodgy bs reason, just say there are way to little Vita's out there to make it worthwile

Christopher2834d ago

***Sony fanboys would smell blood in the water and be all over it. ***

You mean like how a 'non-Sony-fanboy' started the whole debate by calling someone else a fanboy indirectly and saying how they would have said something if it was different?

Pot, kettle, and all that.

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ABizzel12835d ago


Basically. There's no excuse as to why this game isn't being ported to the Vita. Most people don't have surround sound in their homes, and there's no way to determine what size or even what kind of TV they have to say,

"…. when we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really wanted to hone in on the experience you get with a large format screen, surround sound, etc. This type of setup really helps players get sucked into the horror vibe and enjoy the game to its fullest extent."

People are still gaming on SD TV's. That response was utter BS. I don't know what's going on over there, but Capcom are starting to lose touch with reality. If it's because the Vita hasn't sold well, then say it. Don't lie about it.

Ugh. I'm so done with Capcom, they're on my Bethesda list.

doogiebear2835d ago

Even if vita sales are low at the moment, Capcom could have released it only on the psn store instead of retail. I mean, it's not fair that they put it on Wii U but not Vita, when both systems are about neck-and-neck in sales.

jetlian2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Don do you even think before you speak? wii u is 2 months old and vita is a year old. Why would they be looking at vita over wiiu?

Anyway l'll wait for the HD one. I was planning on getting 3dsxl but maybe not yet. project x zone and maybe layton(never played any) are the only games for the handheld

Sony needs to get some more uncharteds, ac3l, gravity rush, like games stat

adorie2835d ago

O.O Did you change the word 's***' to Bethesda?

Servbot412835d ago

It's not being ported because the Vita is selling incredibly poorly, and Sony doesn't seem to care about fixing the situation. Why should third parties risk it when Sony themselves aren't even bothering with their own handheld?

jeeves862835d ago

@ servbot

there's only so much that Sony can do. This sounds more like a Capcom issue than a Sony one.

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jon12342835d ago Show
1Victor2835d ago

@ Snookies12 I know what you mean I as well don't buy used or trade in my games. oh don't forget craptivision. I'll skip on this one till the price go down i'm not paying more for a year old handheld remade for home consoles with a higher price than the original. good job at milking out the fans dry crapcom

listenkids2835d ago

Belting out cracking games for 25 years, a couple of shit decisions of recent years and they don't deserve anything. Nice.

Buff10442835d ago

No one's buying the Vita. Business decision.

r212835d ago

The four million people out there are no one now?

2835d ago
TXIDarkAvenger2834d ago

Well they did good with Revelations, so buy it new. They did an amazing job...can't say much for the other new RE titles though.

MoveTheGlow2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Actually, the quote completely makes sense if you think about it. The architecture's too different between the 3DS and the PS Vita... to make a port - even a lazy port that didn't require too much staff time, just enough to get the technical crap down.

Staff time equals money. They're being really dainty about it with that quote, but they are saying they don't want to invest money on that port.

They didn't want to invest money in porting Revelations to the Vita because they didn't think they'd get a fair return on that investment. The Vita doesn't have a broad enough user base yet... unless they bought a Vita for the game. Would you buy a Vita for Revelations alone? Do they have their killer app yet (and not Sound Shapes, that's also for the PS3, amazing, and for a niche audience of people who actually like well-made games)? Revelations won't appeal to every single owner of the system, too, so don't throw a weak user base number out there and assume four million unit sales.

Nope. So they didn't invest any money. It's the one thing Scamcom's said in the past year or so that made any sense to me (don't even get me started on Megaman).

TongkatAli, below, has the best idea: Make a Vita-exclusive Resident Evil game, one made for it. One so good that people *will* buy the system for the game.

...good luck with that, though, since Capcom has kinda been not so great with Resident Evil as of late.

StraightPath2834d ago

vita trying to borrow killer 3ds games

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smashman982835d ago

R u one of the people that complained about re6 because if so you really got the concept of vote with ur wallet ass backwards

cmpunk532835d ago

Then why the heck do we keep getting lego 3ds version games for our vita when they are "EXTREMELY" different beast.

Root2835d ago guys still have a Sony hand-held Resident Evil game to was revealed for the PSP but I'm guessing you should do it on the PSV now.

maddfoxx2835d ago

I never heard about that one. Can someone post a link? :)

miyamoto2835d ago

yeah its Resident Evil portable
i wonder what happened to that thing

Kratoscar20082834d ago

cashcom hates Sony, thats why we didnt got DMC PSP too.

Anzil2834d ago

do u guys think capcom will be the next thq?

miyamoto2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I think its not that Capcom hates Sony PlayStation.
Many Capcom huge mega hits are born on PlayStation platform like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter etc.

I think it's Nintendo's deal with Capcom to keep PlayStation from total domination of the games industry. Remember Capcom 5 games like RE4, Viewtiful Joe, exclusivity? And now its Mon Hun. We will see if this works this time.

Kamikaze1352835d ago

I don't even think they try to come up with excuses anymore. Seems like they just spit out the first words that pop into their heads. I wouldn't be surprised if their next excuse sounds something like "we're not porting X game to Y system because we wanted to start our vacation early"