GDC 2008: Too Human - Spear Slashing Gameplay

Smash through your world, leaving a trail of bodies behind.

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wow4u3890d ago

Pre-order already filed.

Looks awesome.

Lord Vader3890d ago

Yep, but this is not even one of the better gameplay trailers you can see. Check out Game Trailers for better gameplay vids...

wangdiddy823890d ago

that looked like poop in a bag.. ALmost looks like a sega gensis game or something.. this game will suck badly

3890d ago
Swe_Goliath3890d ago

This game ( i am NOT a fan boy ) looks terrible.
Where is the next gen gfx?

It looks laggy , and stiff,
But its probably not the game, its the engine.

Ut engine sucks!!!
To mutch detail in a game can make it ugly and that is what this game is. Ugly

Boldy3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

What are you talking about. All of the recent previews for the game have said that the game, has really nice graphics, runs at a consistent framerate in 720p with 4x anti-aliasing and up to 50 enemies onscreen, and has only ONE load time at the beginning of the game.

Ri0tSquad3890d ago

It was recored off screen.....which is why it might not look so hot.

green3890d ago

i think you need to read the post GDC previews for this game.Some have said its technically awesome and hardly a dip in framerate with 30-70 enemies on screen.

This game has shaped up to be a must buy

Ashton3890d ago

you mean something that even crappy lair achieved long time ago??

Boldy3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

The only thing that game journalists had a problem last year with Too Human was the camera system, and now that has been fixed at the GDC, so the biggest complaint for this game has already been fixed, and so far the game journalists that have played the demos are becoming very excited for this game.

P.S. the thing that was wrong with Lair was the mandatory Six Axis controls (yes I realize they fixed it now), but Xbox 360 doesn't have Motion Sensing so there is no reason to worry that this game will turn out like a Lair. And also Lair has drops in frame rate, Too Human has been reported to not have them.

VirusE3889d ago

You are not a fanboy, yet you have a picture of home and no live tag.... hmmmmm sure i am convinced.

Personally i think the game looks awesome and love the whole concept.

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Ri0tSquad3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Eh, I wasn't looking forward to this anyways.

I'll wait for more vids and some reviews before giving up on it.

Ashton3890d ago

with the gun and the sword it reminds me of devil may cry4,,,however , devil may cry4 had much brighter and better graphics,,,and the game was much smoother than this,,,,,but this game can be in pre alpha phase still (the game in the trailer has some serious bugs,,,the guy is hitting to right and the enemy on the left is thrown into the air),,So if it's pre alpha they will work this out and probobly give us something good.

green3890d ago

this game is hardly like Devil May Cry.Please go and read the post GDC previews.

undacovabrothe3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I think its a skill he used if u played mmorpgs you know its not a bug/glitch. Although this gameplay traler rieally didn excite me as the first 1 I seen it looked good but seems to be missing some element that I cant quite make out through these vids.

Edit: Actually they need to show more classes if thats the only class this game will flop or if any of the other classes are anything remotely the same.

Icebreaker3153890d ago

The only thing left for S.K to show us is a team/group of 4 players all different classes kicking butt in a new area using skills/spells we haven't seen, to really give people a clear idea of what this game is all about. Plus, there's always something in a game to complain about but the animations I can live with...I've seen worse, not to make that an excuse but for this genre being on a console I think everyone should just look pass the little annoyances (they may or may not be fixed). There's a video of Too Human @ GDC basically showing an HDTV in the background with someone playing the game and the quality of the graphics on the game that was showing on the tv was stunning.(a lil confusing but yeah the game will look even better when you're playing it on an hdtv and not watching a video of it on a tv).

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