3D graphics VISTA vs Ubuntu Beryl

Is Windows Aero desktop really that great?

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Torch3940d ago

Ummm, does anyone here actually USE the 3D AERO glass feature???...because the only time it shows up on my screen is when I hit it by accident when I'm trying to press the Show Desktop bar, which I keep right beside it in the Quick Launch bar.

The (free!) competition's finally looking more appealing to the masses.

Be afraid very afraid, because even your expensive & pointless bells and whistles are starting to sound out of tune.

EZCheez3940d ago

In fact, I got rid of the quicklaunch icon for it months ago because I would hit it by accident too, and I couldn't stand the look of it.

xplosneer3940d ago

The "Show desktop" actually is useful, but Vista wasn't a big upgrade overall that I thought it would be. Searching in folders? LOL.

3940d ago
Torch3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

You're missing my point:

As non-MS OS's such as Linux and <GASP!> Apple become exceedingly popular, increased user demand will compel software developers to pay more attention to these "inferior" alternatives, and develop accordingly.

As it stands TODAY, MS is the clear choice for software support; it's the single only reason why I use it. But if you think this trend will last if MS continues to operate with their arrogant heads up their arses, you're only fooling yourself.

And BTW: Since when is Vista "fully compatible???" Man, I never wanna relive the outright Hell I went through with trying to migrate my hardware/software from XP to Vista.

I found compatibility problems with MS' own bloody products (i.e., Office 2000). And other otherwise-fine programs & hardware, I had to either unexpectedly upgrade, patch or give up altogether.

And before you assume so: I am far from a computer "noob."

"You disagree with me wholeheartedly. ALLOW or DENY."

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gamesR4fun3940d ago

hands down and theres another linux one that blows vista away... Compiz check it out on youtube very sweet stuff.

hfaze3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

And the funny part is that the original Compiz came out BEFORE Vista.. And ran really well on Intel GMA900 and 950's! Let's see Aero pull that one off... ;-)

Even the effects in MacOS X Leopard are just more classy looking than Aero. Well, at least Microsoft tried... ;-)

What's funny is taking my laptop into a coffee shop or other place with free WiFi, and just start playing around with the 3D desktop... And see how many people come by and ask you about it... I love the expression I typically get when I tell them that I'm running Linux... ;-)

pharmd3940d ago

where can i get it and how much and any chance it will run on my ps3?

xplosneer3940d ago

Too much styling for Ubuntu, IMO. Vista is more elegant when opening windows. Though Unbuntu's overall interfance idea is better.

If it weren't for the fact that MS has a monopoly on PC gaming...

xplosneer3940d ago

Go ahead, disagree, but don't take my bubbles. thanks.

rbanke3940d ago

Both are very pretty, but does any of that really help you use a computer better? Takes me zero time to simply click another open window, why would i want it to do all that bs?

gamesR4fun3940d ago

youd b surprised at the improvements in performance you can get with beryl or compiz....
Even just mundane things like juglling multiple windows is way smoother and you can set up focus options so has soon has nou mouse over a window it pops into the front pane...
lots of great stuff you really need to try to understand...

Rice3940d ago

Im gonna install this rite now....

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