Dead Island Riptide - Gameplay Reveal

IGN:Deep Silver walks us through a mission in the zombie apocalypse that is Dead Island.

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Mouktouk2966d ago

I really loved Dead Island, disregard some weaknesses, but Dead Island: Riptide feels more like an add-on than a sequel. I'm still going to buy it anyway, but I'm afraid they wont fix some of the mistakes they made in the first Dead Island.

HaMM4R2966d ago

So is this meant to be a full game, or like a halo odst type affair? Its just that it doesn't look like it is much different to dead island. They haven't (from the looks of things) changed the animations, the music is the same (will probably change before the final release) and they haven't reworked the UI at all! They could have at least made a few aesthetic changes! Doesn't look bad, it just looks, similar. Hopefully it will improve on some of the original dead islands flaws

Riderz13372966d ago

So is this an add on to the first Dead Island or a brand new game? Looks the same to me.

NYC_Gamer2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

It's some type of stand alone expansion pack

MidnytRain2966d ago

This is a stand-alone game.

Eldyraen2966d ago

I agree with everything said, but I really like some of the more obvious changes. Graphics look a bit crisper and reduced bloom is huge bonus as it was ridiculous. Gunplay seems a bit tighter as well although I never used guns much anyways.

I'm looking forward to more zombie slaying no matter what, plus I love to explore.

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