Is PSN's Urban Trials more than a Trials rip-off?

If imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery then it's highly likely there was a swell of blushing cheeks in RedLynx's Helsinki office when Urban Trials was properly unveiled last year. A side-scrolling race against the clock that hurls a motocross bike through a series of improbable obstacles, it's not exactly hard to pinpoint where Polish developer Tate Media got the idea for its PSN-bound game.

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IAMERROR2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Let's face it, it is a rip-off. But at least Sony gamers now have a game like Trials.

joeorc2097d ago

"Let's face it, it is a rip-off. But at least Sony gamers now have a game like Trials."

well its not really that much of a stretch to look at

"Joe Danger" as one also, so in my opinion its kinda too late and moot to point this one out as well.

Ezz20132097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

and pc gamers will get Trials Evolution as well

Good_Guy_Jamal2097d ago

Not sure what point you're trying to make bro

SandWitch2097d ago

Looks promising, but it should be a cross-buy title in my opinion

Raoh2097d ago

Is Xbox's Forza more than a Gran Turismo rip-off?

gillri2097d ago

Forza wasnt called 'Gran Forza' or 'Forismo'

SandWitch2096d ago

Trials is the name of this "sport" lol, everything is right with name Urban Trials

3-4-52097d ago

Yea but Forza is better.....once you make the ripoff better than the original you've then improved upon the original formula and you are now on top.

GT needs to catch up to Forza.

TheGrimOfDeath2097d ago

I actually like Gran Turismo, it's all about personal preference.

iamgoatman2097d ago

Yes, because GT was the first driving sim. /s

Raoh2096d ago

LOL, I love when I bring up that comparison.

I remember when there was a Gears of War clone, Quantum I think it was called, and the xbox fans were up at arms "get your own shoooter" "Be original" "If you want a third person shooter get an xbox"

Xbox gets a clone and "its better" "So what"

Sony gets a game that is a clone and "its a clone" "Down with Sony"

LOL Good times...

Root2097d ago

It is but it's obvious that it they aren't trying to hide it

Riderz13372097d ago

I remember playing the Trials game on Miniclip lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.