Tomb Raider multiplayer not aiming to be CoD

Tomb Raider multiplayer isn't attempting to replicate the likes of Call of Duty or Halo, according to producer Joe Khoury.

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BitbyDeath2097d ago

Wouldn't they be aiming for Uncharted?

2096d ago
Reborn2097d ago

Not sure how it can be like COD...

It's pretty obvious it's not like COD.

SCW19822097d ago

Yeah they aren't aiming for COD but they are cut and pasting Uncharted. Which is worse? I am excited for this games single player but this multiplayer looks like shit and is giving a black eye to the whole IP, it should not exist. Give me a great single player game end of story.

showtimefolks2097d ago

maybe i am just old school but not every game needs MP, some games are meant to be a single player type of game. I know i will be playing TR for single player and most likely won't even touch MP

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