PSXExtreme: World in Conflict Preview

A little while ago, Sierra has announced that they'll be releasing PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the PC smash World in Conflict. The real-time strategy genre is not a favorite among console owners, as it largely targets the hardcore PC gamer. Still, World in Conflict was well praised last year, racking up fantastic reviews all around - and with today's mammothly powerful systems attracting the everyday PC gamer, Sierra probably figured 'why not give a shot'?

The PC version of World in Conflict was beautiful, so we hope all of that translates well to the console releases, especially the PlayStation 3. With the PS3 version to undergo more development time than the Xbox 360 version, here's hoping to see an extremely solid port. There's just so much beauty to behold in World in Conflict, that it'd be a shame if the console versions didn't run properly.

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