Amazon/Best Buy: Wonderbook: Book of Spells for $18, Move bundle for $45

GE: "Amazon and Best Buy have both discounted Wonderbook: Book of Spells’ price this week. "

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Good_Guy_Jamal3161d ago

This game kinda tanked. Sure some of us thought those Harry Potter fans would lap this up

Hingle_Mcringleberry3161d ago

Hehehe. Ain't that the truth. In fact I know someone who swore they'd eat it up. GribbleGrunger

iamnsuperman3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Well apparently it sold over 50,000 units in just Spain and Portugal with some of those being bundled with the PS3.

So Spain (economic hell hole right now) and Portugal seemed to love it (win win for Sony as they managed to sell PS3 units because of it) and some people in the UK (number 5 in weekly chart when released) but apart from that I have no idea.

animegamingnerd3160d ago

i am harry potter fan and i thought wonder book looked like crap and did not needed to shown during the sony E3 conference

WeAreLegion3160d ago

It was terrible during the conference, but I assure's a very fun game. I would recommend it to any gamer, especially Happy Potter fans. ^_^

kma2k3160d ago

Thats funny i am on n4g & ign literally every day checking stuff & i didnt even know the wonderbook had come out, i remember the horrible e3 demo but never heard or saw it was for sale. Another example of sony advertising. I love my ps3 but dammit sony ADVERTISE! Granted i dont know how much it would have helped this lost cause but in general they desperately need more advertising!

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Agreed. They could advertise new releases on the xmb. Game news still have to dig for stuff. Not having cable anymore really limits my exposure to ads but they really need to ATP this part of their game up.
I think back to the old school Socom ads for ps2. There were like 10 different ads they would run. Some posted on the ps website or other gaming sites and tv, now they pick 3-4 games a year throw some ads up for a week and are done with it.

jedicurt3160d ago

I would recommend for anyone with kids in the 8-12 age range for this. my 10 year old, she loves it so much, and she even got me a platinum trophy all in the course of about 6 hours of playing over a few days