Lifting up FFXIII's skirts for a quick ogle

Jeremy Parish 1UP editor:

"So rather than waste my time asking questions I knew he wouldn't answer, I tried and find some interesting angles on the very dry and matter-of-fact topic of a companywide programming tool that just happens to be behind the company's three biggest games. (Well, three of the four -- Dragon Quest IX is potentially as big as all three of those put together.) And even then, there was some disappointing evasion at times; it doesn't come through in the text, but I could tell his response to the question about Crystal Tools' Yasumi Matsuno connection was incredibly circular -- apparently they still don't talk about him, even when you're not asking about him directly".

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eagle213982d ago

Great read from 1up/ sarcasm.....FFXIII FTW!

Harry1903980d ago

this all about?nothing?

i_like_ff73982d ago

Something lifting up lightning skirt?(looks around in disapointment.)