PSXExtreme: FIFA Street 3 Review

PSXExtreme writes: So far, EA BIG titles for the PlayStation 3 have been hit and miss. There was NBA Street Homecourt, a definite hit, and then there was NFL Tour, a miss. FIFA Street is EA's next major arcade franchise that deals with a popular sport, and its third entry has arrived. The first two were quite welcomed; gracing both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and that makes FIFA Street 3 the series' first next-gen iteration. So how does it bow in?

FIFA Street 3 enters into an all new generation, one where you are expected to show your gamers something new, and eye-opening. Unfortunately, Street 3 brings nothing new to the table. It does still feature its well-known arcade gameplay, with wall running and over the top tricks, but it does it in a fairly average fashion.

FIFA Street 3 does run at an exceptional framerate - a silky 60 frames per second, while outputting at 720p. There isn't much in terms of texture detail, but the image quality is rather polished, minimizing any blemishes such as jaggies and tearing. Animation is also nice and clean, which isn't a surprise, seeing as how NBA Street Homecourt did well in that area too.

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