Red PSP Comes Stateside With God Of War Summer Bundle

Kotaku: In addition to Metal Gear Solid 4, Sony will bundle another hit with one of its platforms, offering a special red God of War themed PlayStation Portable package in June. The special edition edition PSP will follow in the tradition of last year's Star Wars Battlefront bundle and feature a rendering of Kratos emblazoned on the back side of the device.

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Joey Gladstone3889d ago

but dont worry "Note: The image shown was one we created and does not depict the final color of the PSP."..
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

sonarus3889d ago

this is actually quite a bundle. Includes super bad and gift certificate for ps store downloads.

Chubear3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

That Red looks bad. I hope that's not the final product. You'd need a deeper richer red not that pasty looking thing. If they don't have a better lokin gred then I hope they bring out a black one too.

Great bundle though. simply fantastic.

EZCheez3889d ago

And I doubt Sony will make it look like the one on the picture. It will probably be a darker shade of red.

I've been looking to get another one for a while now, and i won't be able to turn one down that comes packaged with GOW.

Iamback3889d ago

Bundle is for June, you can get GOW on 4th March, next week

brocool3889d ago

Damnit.. June!.. why isnt it being released when Gow comes out

PS360WII3889d ago

Hmm I must be the only one who just likes the PSP in it's orignal piano black form. Other colors just doesn't suit it

Meus Renaissance3889d ago

I agree with you. Personally piano black looks best

Grassroots3889d ago

I always loved my black... then got a silver lite for xmas, and it looks really sharp in person.

MikeGdaGod3889d ago

the silver model looks really good in person and everyone will think you're cool because you have the new one......

Grassroots3889d ago

wow just saw this picture... while the ffvii is beautiful, this is badass. Tempting to invest in yet another psp.

BloodySinner3889d ago

I do not want to import one from Japan. =(

Grassroots3889d ago

well if you're a vadar fan, there are plenty of white psp's in the states.

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