Videogamer: Army of Two Hands-On

Co-op games are great. After playing Rainbow Six Vegas and Gears of War in co-op playing alone in other games just feels wrong. Halo 3 offers the best co-op play on the market at the moment though, with the already excellent campaign reaching new levels of brilliance when played with friends. The one game Videogamer would assume would offer the best co-op gameplay ever, though, is Army of Two, EA's next big thing. Even the name suggests co-op is a big deal, so Videogamer sat down with the final review build of the game to see how the much delayed game plays with a friend.

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aggh im on fire3977d ago

Hmmm. i want it to be good as i love co-op but its getting very mixed previews at the moment. Fingers crossed on this one.

ban fans3977d ago

Really seems like this one could go either way. It is unique in its concept so there's something. Let's just hope it holds up well enough to be good. I will say the final reviews will be between 7-8 out of 10 with most of the points coming from its fresh take on action co-op.

Not bad and expect Army of Two 2(they might want to rethink that title, lol) to truly exceptional.

solar3977d ago

that this game will be sweet.

Blink3977d ago

Hopefully they didn't botch this game in the final stages..i.e. cutting stuff that would make or break the perfect coop game

Brixxer6003977d ago

You and me both.

As far as reviews go though, i'll take my chances and get this on launch, fed up listening to what other people think, go with your gut instinct is what i say.

solar3976d ago

after reading the preview, im digging the way you can still fight when hurt, and dragged to a safe area. very cool imo. a clan mate an i have been waiting for this game a long time, and we are hoping it comes thru. however we are waiting for about 10 reviews, see what the pro's and con's are across many different reviewers, and make a decision from there. scores are crap when deciding how good a game is. annoyances is what i want to know...

Vulcan Raven3977d ago

I am counting on this game to fill in for my 3rd person shooter needs, as a ps3 owner.

Drekken3977d ago

Your needs would be filled already with Warhawk. The game is good and the community is still kickin'

Lord Vader3977d ago

I hope this game works out, but I'm not seeing it. Ive watched all the vids, but I'm still not convinced. Kane & lynch was a major disappointment, hopefully this game will be better. Great idea, but sounds like it's alittle too promising for EA....

Hope I'm wrong.........

@ Vulcan Raven - if you need a good 3rd person shooter, take a look at Dark Sector, coming 3/25/2008 to PS3 & 360.

Vulcan Raven3976d ago

It was on my radar, but I like coop. It seems interesting that you can use the sixaxis to control the weapons just like Heavenly Sword.